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C-Comsat Flyaway Antenna MP-100 (Manual Ku/Ka/X Band ManPack)

C-Comsat Flyaway Antenna MP-100 (Manual Ku/Ka/X Band ManPack)
  • 100 cm 7-piece carbon fibre reflector
  • Single BackPack Case Solution
  • Operates in Ku-band
  • Azimuth & Elevation angle adjustment with fast and fine tuning operations
  • Captive hardware / fasteners
  • No tools required for assembly / disassembly
  • Set-up time less than 10 minutes, one person job
  • Leveling capability for uneven surfaces
  • 1 Year Standard Warranty

The iNetVu® MP-100 is a robust, lightweight, 100 cm multi-segment carbon fiber manpack antenna system which can be setup and pointed to the target satellite manually within minutes.

Application Versatility
The MP-100 Manual Flyaway system can be easily configured to provide quick access to satellite communications for any application that requires remote connectivity in a rugged environment. Ideally suited for applications that require a quick, simple set-up; in vertical markets such as emergency response, disaster management, public safety, broadcast , media and more.