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AGILIS ALB110 2W Ka-Band VSAT Outdoor Block-Up Converter N Input (BUC)

AGILIS ALB110 2W Ka-Band VSAT Outdoor Block-Up Converter N Input (BUC)

AGILIS ALB110 2W Ka-Band VSAT Outdoor Block-Up Converter N Input (BUC)

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Agilis ALB110 2W Ka-Band BUC (Block-up Converter) tiene un alto costo Transmisor de RF al aire libre eficaz para la comunicación por satélite. Este nuevo BUC de banda Ka pequeño y liviano es ideal para aplicaciones de enlace ascendente móviles y satelitales. Diseñado para ser montado en la bocina de alimentación, el BUC tiene una excelente eficiencia y consume menos de 80W para 5W Ka-Band BUC. La unidad funciona con una fuente de alimentación de CC de entrada de amplio rango de 18 V a 50 V. El diseño térmico innovador y eficiente hace de este BUC uno de los más pequeños,

Código: agilisALB110N_2w

AGILIS ALB110 2W Ka-Band VSAT Outdoor Block-Up Converter N Input (BUC)

Agilis ALB 110 Series 2W BUC (Block Up Converter) Ka-Band N Input Connector Frequency Image Picture

This small and light weight new Ka-Band BUC is ideal for mobile and satellite uplink applications. Designed to be mounted on the feed horn, the BUC has excellent efficiency and consumes less than 80W for 5W Ka-Band BUC. The unit works on a wide range input DC power supply from 18V to 50V. Innovative and efficient thermal design makes this BUC one of the smallest, lightest and most reliable in the industry.

With redundancy-ready feature, the unit can be easily configured to work in 1:1 redundant mode.

• Compact and lightweight
• Feed mountable
• Excellent linearity
• Extremely reliable
• High power efficiency
• Excellent phase noise characteristics
• Low spurious
• Forward power detection function
• Remote monitor & control through
RS232/RS485 and Ethernet (SNMP & HTTP)
• Wide input DC voltage range
• Automatic fault identification & alarm generation
• Automatic temperature compensation feature
• Redundancy option
• Wide operating temperature range -40ºC to +60ºC
• RoHS compliant
• Waterproof
• LED indicator for BUC status
Field proven under harsh environment conditions, Agilis ODUs can withstand temperature ranging from -40ºC to +60ºC with up to 100% humidity.
Quality Assurance
100% of all BUCs go through stringent quality checks in addition to well defined Electrical Stress Screening to ensure operation in harsh outdoor environments. The BUCs are also subjected to seal test for water ingress verification.

AGILIS ALB110 2W Ka-Band VSAT Outdoor Block-Up Converter N Input (BUC) Specifications

RF Specifications

Transmit Frequency

29GHz to 30GHz

IF Frequency Range

950MHz to 1950MHz

L.O Frequency


Output Power @ P1dB

33dBm (2W)

Small Signal Gain

58dB (min for 2W)

Gain Flatness

±2dB over the O/P frequency band

Gain Variation

±2dB over the operating temperature range

Inter Modulation

-25dBc @ Relative to combine power of two carriers at 3dB total power backoff from Rated Output power

Phase Noise @ Offset



-75dBc/Hz max


-85dBc/Hz max


-95dBc/Hz max


1.5:1 max


2.0:1 max


DC Power

Prime Power

48VDC (range 18 to 50VDC)

Power Consumption

35W @ 48VDC input (max for 2W)



IF Input Interface

50Ohms N-type Female / 75Ohms F-type Female (optional)

Output Interface

WR28 grooved


External Reference Requirement

Frequency 50 MHz
Power -5dBm to +5dBm
External reference phase
noise requirement @ frequency offset








Monitor & Control


BUC temperature


LO unlocked alarm


Status alarm


RF Output Power detection


LED indication


Adjustable gain with 0.5dB step size, RF output mute


RS232/RS485, Ethernet (SNMP & HTTP)

Tx Redundancy

Redundancy-ready (with external RCU)



Operating Voltage

-40ºC to +60ºC

Power Supply Interface

Up to 100% Weather protection sealed to IP65




185L x 100W x 51H mm / 7.3 x 3.9 x 2 in


1.5kg / 3.3lbs


White Powder Coat


Compliance Standard

See Datasheet