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Foxcom Platinum IF диапазон PL7330T [PL7330T1550]/PL7330R10 Link High Power Input, оптический бюджет 10 дБ

Foxcom Platinum IF диапазон PL7330T [PL7330T1550]/PL7330R10 Link High Power Input, оптический бюджет 10 дБ

Foxcom Platinum IF Band PL7330T [PL7330T1550]/PL7330R10 Link High Power Input, 10 дБ оптический бюджет

IKtechcorp является дистрибьютор Foxcom Communications Fiber Optic Systems, ведущего производителя и поставщика коммерческого спутникового оборудования. Foxcom предлагает широкий спектр волоконно-оптических линий связи, используемых в VSAT, DTH, COTM, телепортации, кабельной и широковещательной отраслях. Спутник, DTH, VSAT, оптика, волоконно-оптический, РФ »./> </p> • Диапазон ПЧ: 10–200 МГц <br /> • Расстояние более 25 км [40 км с PL7330T1550] <br /> • Мощные возможности управления с помощью ЖК-дисплея на передней панели и установленного в стойку протокола SNMP <br /> • Пользовательское управление и установка необходимого уровня интермодуляционных искажений <br /> • Разнообразие радиочастотных и оптических разъемов <br /></div>
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Модель: Foxcom_PL7330R10

Foxcom Platinum IF Band PL7330T [PL7330T1550]/PL7330R10 Link High Power Input, 10dB Optical Budget

Foxcom Platinum IF Band PL7330T [PL7330T1550]/PL7330R10 Link High Power Input, 10dB Optical Budget

Foxcom Platinum IF Band PL7330T [PL7330T1550]/PL7330R10 Link High Power Input, 10dB Optical Budget

Foxcom’s Platinum IF products are designed to meet the increasing demand for modularity and high-performance in a small form factor for superior long-distance transmission. With high RF input power and wide dynamic range, the link is designed to provide full specification service up to a full 4 dB optical budget with thePL7330R4 and 10 dB optical budget with the PL7330R10 receiver.

Utilizing Foxcom’s DigiRF technology, the user has full control of all important functions for setup, operation, and analysis via the front panel LCD or via the associated subrack SNMP capability.

In addition IMizer, an automated adjustable link calibration embedded system enables the user to align the RF links IMD/CNR to specific linearity performances without a two-tone test. Select the desired IMD for the optical transmitter, either locally or remotely, IMizer automatically adjusts the laser drive to meet the IMD requirements. 

Each low profile individual transmitter or receiver can be “hot swapped” in the subrack chassis maintaining a best subsystem uptime capability. Each module contains an individual processor to maximize specification performance at all times under demanding user applications.

The PL7330T transmitters and PL7330R4/R10 receivers are designed for subrack chassis mounting. The associated Platinum chassis, model PL7010, has 12 active slots, one main control processor (MCP) slot and two redundant power supplies. No fans are required even under full subrack loading and full LNB powering.


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Foxcom Platinum IF Band PL7330T [PL7330T1550] / PL7330R10 Link High Power Input, 10dB Optical Budget


RF Specifications Units Typical Minumum Maximum
Frequency Range - Bandwidth MHz 10 - 200   -
Amplitude Response @any Unity Gain
10 – 200 MHz
any 36 MHz


Gain Stability dB/24hr ± 0.2   ± 0.25
Gain Variation over temperature dB   -2 2
SFDR1 dB/Hz 103    
SFDR2 dB/Hz 99    
DR (Dynamic Range - single channel)3 dB     30
CNR [any 1 MHz] 2 dB 70 67 73
Noise Figure (NF)1 dB 27   30
Noise Figure (NF)2 dB 13   15
Output IP3 (OIP3)4 dBm - +15 +20
Group Delay Variation- linear @
10 to 30 MHz
30 to 200 MHz
Input/Output Impedance Ohm 50 or 75    
1 dB Compression Point dBm 2   3
Phase Noise5 None      
Third Order InterModulation [IMD]6 dBc   -55 -40
Input Signal Range - Total Power dBm   -30 -5
Maximum Input without Damage       +15
Output Signal Range - Total Power7 dBm   -30 -5
TX/RX Input/Output Return Loss
50 Ohm
75 Ohm
Test Port [front panel sample port]8 dB -20 -22 -18
RF Connector
Test Port


Optical Specifications Units Typical Minimum Maximum
Optical Wavelength nm 1310/1550/CWDM    
Optical Power Output mW/dBm 2 / 3 1.7/2.5  
Optical Budget / Distance
10 dB optical budget
1310 nm | 1550 nm
25 | 40
RX Optical Input Power dBm

Optical Connector Types Type FC/APC or SC/APC
(E2000 option)
Optical Return Loss dB   -60 -55
Electrical Specifications        
Supply Voltage Vdc 12    
Supply Current [TX]9 Amps 0.35    
Supply Current (RX) Amps 0.45    
EMI Rating   EMI Rating: FCC Class B
CE Mark
Physical Specifications        
Operating Temperature Range ºC   -10 +55
Storage Temperature Range ºC -45 to +85 -45 +85
Relative Humidity   95% non-condensing    
Altitude ft / Km 10,000 [3.08 ] operating10
14,000 [12.2] non-operating
Dimensions [D×W×H] ins/cm 12×0.8×4 / 30.5×2×10.2    
Weight lbs./Kg 0.5 / 0.23    
MTBF Hours TX: 309,481
RX: 359,057
MTTR Hours 0.083    
Shock & Vibration  

Designed for normal transportation environment per section MIL-STD-810E. Designed to withstand 20G at 11 ms [½ sine pulse] in non-operating configuration.


1.   -5 dBm RF input, link gain = 0 dB, IMD=-40 dBc @ 0 dBm optical input - max. RF input
2.   -30 dBm RF input, link gain = 25 dB, IMD=-40 dBc @ 0 dBm optical input - min.. RF input  
3.   User adjustable
4.   -5 dBm RF in @ IMD=-40 dBc
5.   Direct modulation utilized
6.   Adjustable. Above -10 dBm input min. -50 dBc
7.   Alarm trip point: RED -2 dBm, AMBER -33 dBm
8.   -45 dBm minimum input
9.   Under 10º add 120 mA  for TX [laser heating]
10.   WIth standard adiabatic derating at 2ºC/1000ft. [0.3 Km.]