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AvL 1014 1,0m Ручная или Моторизованная Летающая Военная Компактная Портативная Антенна Ka-Диапазона

AvL 1014 1,0m Ручная или Моторизованная Летающая Военная Компактная Портативная Антенна Ka-Диапазона

AvL 1014 1,0 м Ручной или моторизованный FlyAway Военная легкая компактная портативная антенна Стандартный 2-портовый прецизионный диапазон Ka-диапазона

 IKtechcorp является дистрибьютором AVL Antanna Systems, ведущего производителя и поставщика коммерческого спутникового оборудования. AVL Technologies предлагает широкий спектр антенн, используемых в VSAT, DTH, COTM, телепортации, кабельном и вещании. Спутник, DTH, VSAT, Flyaway , быстрое развертывание, только прием, RF, моторизованная автоматическая точка, автомобильные антенны
• Канал Rx/Tx: 2-портовый военный Ka-Band
- Прием:
- Передача:
30,0–31,0 ГГц
• Проверяется авиакомпанией
• Основные характеристики
- Одинарный футляр <70 фунтов. Обхват <62 ”
- Дополнительная моторизация
- Настройка за 5 минут
- Сменная подача для работы в трех диапазонах

Модель: avl_1014_ka_mil

AvL 1014 1.0m Manual or Motorized FlyAway Military Lightweight Compact Portable Antenna Standard 2-Port Precision Ka-Band

AvL 1014 1.0m Manual or Motorized FlyAway SNG/Military Lightweight Compact Portable Antenna Standard 2-Port Precision Ka-Band Military Product Picture, Price, Image, Pricing

AvL 1014 1.0m Manual or Motorized FlyAway Military Lightweight Compact Portable Antenna Standard 2-Port Precision Ka-Band

AvL’s 1.0m Manual FlyAway Antenna System weighs less than 70lbs when packed and is compact enough to fit into one airline checkable, IATA-compliant case. The robust carbon fiber reflector is rugged enough for operations in harsh conditions. The antenna’s tripod base can be anchored, and the entire antenna assembles in 5 minutes.

AvL’s Manual FlyAway Antennas are lightweight, compact, portable, and robust with carbon fiber reflectors and easy-to-assemble tripods. AvL’s Az/El positioners feature easy pointing as well as fine-tuning, and are easy and quick to assemble. As with all AvL antenna systems, the Manual FlyAway Antennas interface with any modem, RF electronics, or satellite service, and achieve pointing accuracy and pointing stability even in the most extreme conditions.  

AvL 1014 Ka-Band Manual or Motorized FlyAway Military Antenna feature:
• Robust 1.0m segmented 8-piece carbon fiber reflector and tripod base for operations in harsh conditions
• Lightweight, compact and portable in one airline checkable IATA compliant case
• Fast interchangeable feed system with tri-band capability: Ku, Ka and X; DBS capable
• Feed rotation for polarization
• Easy pointing and fine-tuning Az/El positioner
• Manual actuators enable full range of motion
• Optional motorization for 60cm, 85cm and 1.0m
• Easy-to-assemble tripod base can be anchored
• Single- or multi-band options for worldwide operation
• Prime focus offset optics with global mode-matched feed
• Manual actuators enable full range of motion
• Quick set-up operational in minutes
• Interface with all types of RF electronics and services
• Numerous packaging options including backpacks and rugged cases

While the vast majority of military applications to date have relied on commercial satellite interoperability, especially at Ku-band, AvL is now leading the industry in the delivery of systems that will operate over the next generation of military satellites, including Xtar (X-band) and the new US Army Wideband Global Satellite (WGS) constellation (X- and Ka-band). Most of our military antennas can be offered with upgradability to X- and Ka-bands of operation.

AvL antennas interface easily with all RF systems and are compliant with FCC and Intelsat requirements for 2° spacing as well as optional models for meeting Eutelsat and Asiasat criteria. AvL antennas are also in the certification process for operation over the US Army DSCS and WGS satellites.


Technical Specifications Diagram    

AvL 1014 1.0m Manual or Motorized FlyAway Military Lightweight Compact Portable Antenna Standard 2-Port Precision Ka-Band

Az/El Drive Manually-driven fine and coarse adjustment (visual scales standard)
Polarization Drive System Manual rotation of feed (visual scales standard)
Reflector Construction 1.0m segmented 8-piece carbon fiber
Axis Travel: ▼
Azimuth 360 degree continuous
Elevation 0-90°
Polarization ±90°
Az/El Speed: ▼
Slewing/Deploying (typical) 2°/second
Peaking (typical) 0.2°/second
Motors Optional
Tx Input @ Feed Waveguide flange (cover)
Rx Input @ Feed Waveguide flange (cover)
BUC Mounting Contact Sales
Controller Interface Optional - one 30-ft. cable with connector from base connector panel to controller
Manual/Emergency Drive Three-lobe knob for manual adjustment standard
Size and Weight <70 lbs packed in one airline checkable case (less than 62” girth)
Wind - Survival Deployed: 60 mph (97 kph) (ballasted); Stowed: 90 mph (145 kph)
Wind - Operational 30 mph (48 kph), Gusts to 45 mph (72 kph)
Pointing Loss in Wind (Ka RX): ▼
With optional controls and/or motors 1.4 dB typical / 2.0 dB max
Operational -22°F to 125°F (-30°C to 52°C)
Survival -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
Feed Type Opt. 2-Port Ka-Band Military
Frequency Range (GHz) 20.2 - 21.2 30.0 - 31.0
Polarization Configuration Circular (opt. linear feed available)
Gain (mid-band) 44.6 dBi 47.9 dBi
-3dB Beamwidth (mid-band) 1.2˚ 0.8˚
Radiation Pattern Compliance FCC 25.209, MIL-STD-188-164A
Maximum Feed Transmit (Tx) Power
250 watts
Antenna Noise Temperature (midband) 107˚ K
G/T, midband, clear horizon 21.1 dB/˚ K (100˚ LNB)
Axial Ratio (Ka and X only, within pointing cone) 1.5 dB 1.0 dB
VSWR 1.30:1 1.30:1
Feed Port Isolation - Tx to Rx (dB) 35 dB 80 dB (incl. filter)
Controller Type Optional AvL AAQ – Motorized or Computer-Assisted Pointing (CAP)

Enhanced Auto-Acquire with Std. Ethernet IP Interface
Integration Embedded w/ Ethernet IP interface (P/S optional) (optional rack- or shelf-mount P/S available)
User Interface Intelligent/simple GUI for on-board or remote CFE laptop
Input Power 28V DC (at antenna positioner); optional 115/230 VAC rack-mount power supply; 250W
Software Upgrades/Options
Inclined orbit tracking (using step-track, memory track, or TLE track); automatic band sensing
Available Options, Upgrades & Services
• Upgrade from 2-Port Precision Ku Feed to: a) 2-Port Enhanced Cross-Pol (Mode-Matched) Ku; b) 2-Port X MIL; c) 2-Port Ka MIL; d) 2-Port Ka Comm.
• Add co-polarization Kit (for 2-port Ku feeds only) - configures Rx and Tx to same polarization sense ) (may require second case) 
• Add BUC/HPA mounting (NOTE: minimum elevation may be restricted by these options) ) (may require second case)
• Upgrade to custom RF/IF I/O cabling configurations available
• Custom colorization (contact factory for available colors)
• Add custom logo on reflector face (1- or 2-Color; per AvL Logo Policy)
• Upgrade from standard manual pointing to AvL AAQ Enhanced Auto-Acquire (see Controller section, above, for some of these options) (may require second case)
• Add power supply for AAQ Controller upgrade (requires second case)
• Spare parts kit * Outside main beam
** Contact Sales for commercial Ka-band frequency range options and circular or linear polarization options.
*** Excluding optional filters
Technical Specifications Diagram
Compliance Standard