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Антенна NDSKYRAY1500plusАнтенна ND SatCom SKYRAY Compact 1500 Plus 1,5m

Антенна NDSKYRAY1500plusАнтенна ND SatCom SKYRAY Compact 1500 Plus 1,5m
- Для передач EBU TWTA 2 x 400 Вт
- Отражатель ромбовидной формы
- Диаметр антенны по диагонали 1,5 м
- Одобрено Eutelsat типа
- Корпус из углеродного волокна
- Легко монтируемый интерфейс с 6 контактными площадками
- Усиление Tx: 44,5 дБи (типичное)
- Усиление Rx: 43 дБи (типичное)
Модель: NDSKYRAY1500plusAntenna
ND SatCom SKYRAY Compact 1500 Plus 1.5m Antenna



The SKYRAY family with more than 300 sold systems world-wide is the most robust product in the market. All moving parts are completely sealed against dust, humidity and icing. It is transmitting for customers in very cold snowy regions as well as in very hot desert areas.

The SKYRAY Compact plus 1500 antenna system can be easily can be easily mounted at standard railings of vehicles via its 6 mounting legs. It is designed for EBU transmission with a redundant RF chain for up to 2 x 400W HPAs This antenna system is best of breed regarding lifetime, wind load and pointing accuracy. The automatic pointing process is supported by high resolution resolvers and measurement of the receive signal. The amplifiers are mounted into the feed arm in order to shorten the waveguide length and to minimize the signal loss.

- Diamond shape reflector
- 1.5m diagonal antenna diameter
- Eutelsat Type approved
- Carbon-fiber casing
- Easy to mount 6 pad interface
- Tx Gain: 44,5dBi (typical)
- Rx Gain: 43dBi (typical)


• Easy and cost-effective vehicle integration with standard mounting components
• Automatic pointing system incl. polarization optimization with measurement
• Easy to operate web interface and one button operation



Key Highlights

• For EBU transmissions 2 x 400 W TWTA
• Highest reliability – 5 years of warranty
• Aerodynamic casing for high speed travel
• RF Characteristic and automatic pointing option is Eutelsat type approved
• Maintenance free AZ/EL positioner
• Highest wind load in the market
• Multiband exchangeable feed system on request


ND SatCom SKYRAY Compact 1500 Plus 1.5m Antenna

Antenna Diameter 1.5 m
Antenna Pointing (SKYWAN, DVB carrier) Antenna Control Unit ACU 5020 / one button operation Option: Automatic Pointing System (APS) supports GPS, compass and inclinometer. Polarisation fine tuning done by true measurement
Azimuth Travel ± 190°
Antenna Backup System Car Battery Emergency Control for motors via ACU Optional manual hand cranks for driving Az/El
Elevation Travel 10° to 70° continuous (5° to +90° on request)
Drive Rates High Speed: 2°/sec; Slow Speed: 1°/sec
Reflector Single piece diamond shaped reflector



Tx Frequency Range 13.75 – 14.50 GHz
Rx Frequency Range 10.70 – 12.75 GHz
Tx Antenna Gain 44.5 dBi (typical), 43.6 dBi (min) @ 14 GHz
Rx Antenna Gain 43 dBi (typical), 42.2 dBi (min) @ 11.7 GHz
G/T 22.3 dB/K @ 30° Elevation
Antenna Noise Temperature 25K @ 30° Elevation
VSWR Rx: <1.3:1 (Rx port 10.95 – 12.75 GHz)
Tx: <1.3:1 (Tx port 13.75 – 14.5 GHz)
Waveguide Interface Flange WG17/UBR 120
Max. allowed EIRP 51.0 dBW / 40 kHz for digital carriers transmitted at the satellite receive contour of 0 dB/K (EESS 502 § 6.1 refers)


Dimensions (L x W x H) 220 cm x 156 cm x 71 cm
Weight 118 kg (fully covered)
Temperature Range -30° to +55°C
Survival Temperature -40°C to +60°C
Humidity 0% to 100% with condensation
Operational Wind Speed 100 km/h
Rain Survival in heavy rainstorm
Survival Wind Speed stowed: 190 km/h; unstowed: 140 km/h
Radial Ice 2.5 cm on all surfaces
Solar Radiation 1000 W/m²