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Панель управления NovelNet NMS

Панель управления NovelNet NMS
• Повышенная надежность за счет интегрированного принципа конструкции • Хорошая работа в широком диапазоне температур • Разумный размер и легкий вес • Соответствие стандартам ETSI, FCC
Модель: NMS
NovelNet NMS (Network Management System) is an open, scalable, and reliable network management platform specially designed to provide end-to-end life cycle management for satellite-based networks, including P2P, P2MP, and Broadcast networks. NovelNet NMS provides a fast and simple approach to network and service management. The platform allows all satellite network elements to be viewed from a single unified dashboard supporting a wide range of network management functions, including: fault, performance, topology, maps, configuration, monitoring, and dashboard reporting. The NovelNet NMS solution dynamically optimizes resource usage to maximize network performance and link assurance. The NMS continuously monitors satellite links and automatically reallocates bandwidth and priorities, enabling delivery of the maximum throughput at minimal cost. Quick to implement and simple to use, the NovelNet NMS is available as Cloud SaaS, virtualized, or on-premises – to fit any network size. NovelNet NMS Dashboard


NovelNet NMS Dashboard Datasheet