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C-com satellite systems

C-com satellite systems

Established in 1997, C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. is a leader in the development and deployment of vehicle mounted antennas, auto-deploy antennas and other VSAT technology for the delivery of 2-way high-speed, mobile satellite communications into vehicles or other transportable structures.

C-COM has developed a number of proprietary mobile self-pointing, auto deploy antennas that (while stationary) allows the delivery of broadband satellite communication services into mobile environments virtually anywhere where you can drive, whether for Emergency use (Data, Voice and Video) or Professional use (like SNG – Satellite News Gathering, Oil and Gas Production and Remote Offices).
iNetVu® is a registered trademark of C-COM Satellite Systems Inc.

C-COM Satellite Systems Board Of Directors

The company is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of four people. Current members of the Board of Directors (BoD) are:

  • Dr. Leslie Klein, Ph.D.,P.Eng.
  • Mr. Eli Fathi
  • Dr. Arunas Slekys
  • Mr. Ronald Leslie

C-COM Satellite Systems’ Awards

When it comes to delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions for Mobile Satcom (Satellite Communication) applications across the globe, C-COM provides world class, innovative solutions to its customers. C-COM has merited a series of awards and recognition for excellence in business and technology.

iNetVu® Testimonials

Here are examples of what our customers have to say about our products and support. You’ll notice many enthusiastic comments about customer experience with the iNetVu®, which is no surprise to us, because we emphasize customer satisfaction right from the product development stage.

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C-Comsat Custom Integrations For VSAT Antenna
C-Comsat Driveaway Antenna 1200 (Ku and X Bands)
C-Comsat Driveaway Antenna 1202 (Ku-Band)
C-Comsat Driveaway Antenna 1202G (Ka-Band)
C-Comsat Driveaway Antenna 1202V (Ka-Band)
C-Comsat Driveaway Antenna 1500 (Ku and C Bands)
C-Comsat Driveaway Antenna 1501 (Ku and C Bands)
C-Comsat Driveaway Antenna 1801 (Ku, C Bands)
C-Comsat Driveaway Antenna 980+ (Ku-band)
C-Comsat Driveaway Antenna 981 (Ku-Band)
C-Comsat Driveaway Antenna Ka-75V (Ka-Band)
C-Comsat Driveaway Antenna Ka-75V-KASAT (Ka-Band)
C-Comsat Driveaway Antenna Ka-98G (Ka-Band)
C-Comsat Driveaway Antenna Ka-98H (Ka-Band)
C-Comsat Driveaway Antenna Ka-98V (Ka-Band)
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