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SMW Wideband PLL LNB – Ku-Band
SMW Wideband PLL LNB – Ka-Band
SMW Wideband PLL BDC – Ka-Band
SMW WDL Dual output PLL LNB – Ku-Band
SMW Waveguide isolators

SMW Waveguide isolators

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SMW Versa-Link Transmitter
SMW Versa-Link Receiver

SMW Versa-Link Receiver

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SMW Single band PLL LNB – Ku-Band
SMW Single band PLL LNB – C-Band
SMW Single band PLL LNB Ka-Band
SMW Single band PLL BDC – Ka-Band
SMW Single band PLL BDC Ku-Band
SMW Quattro WDL PLL LNB – Ku-Band
SMW Quattro Fiber output Ku-Band LNB
SMW Quad-link Fiber System Transmitter
SMW Quad-link Fiber System Receiver
SMW Power supply

SMW Power supply

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SMW PLL LNB Satcom & TLT – X-Band
SMW PLL LNB Earth Observation – X-Band
SMW PLL BDC 7,25 – 7,75 GHz – X Band
SMW PLL BDC 5,70-7,25 GHz – C Band
SMW PLL BDC 3,40-4,80 GHz – C Band


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VSAT Products


IK Tech Corporation promises to provide an honest and reliable customer service. We thrive on assisting customers including, integrators, resellers and end-users with in-depth analysis and description of the products as well as complete set up of Earth Station terminals, including but not limited to Antennas, BUCs, LNBs and Modems. We value your business and are always looking for challenging and interesting projects.

Warranty and Repair

Our repair solutions are uniquely designed for each customers need and deliver the highest possible value. We provide diagnosis, repair and re-certification for VSAT products that are out of warranty.

Referral Program

We are working with many internet and service providers worldwide and will be happy to refer you to one of the installers in your area who can quickly and accurately provide you with an estimate and assistance.