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A progressive Canadian company that has been on the market for over 30 years. The company is engaged in the development and manufacture of communication equipment that provides stable quality, reliable transmission of data, video, and voice.

Products are the benchmark for quality and performance, they set trends in the market. The range includes handheld satellite terminals, custom satellite components, satellite networks, maritime solutions, LNBs, C-band 5G Interference PLL LNB, Filters etc.

The representation is great that no matter what technical characteristics (GHz/KHz, ku-band etc.) you require, you can compare the products and choose the most suitable one. Our experts will always help to decide if, for example, you cannot choose between two models. They will tell you why it is better to buy 8000RIF Norsat 8000 C-Band (3.625 - 4.8 GHz) DRO LNB Model 8000RIF and not overpay. Or they will offer another option based on your needs.

Clients of services and products include emergency services, telecommunications providers, military, news organizations, homeland security services, medical institutions, and more. Since 2017, Norsat International Inc is the property of Hytera Communications Co., Ltd.

Products and solutions Norsat International Inc

Remote networks

The company has tremendous experience in the field of satellite communications, cooperates with telecom operators and other technology partners. In combination, it allows you to receive continuous communication, provide data, video, voice transmission.

Microwave products

Norsat microwave products are proven products that set the industry standard for quality. The brand's products are used by the world's largest satellite integrators for signal reception and transmission.

Sinclair Division

Also with the help of Sinclair Division, the company offers best solutions to ensure antennas safe operation, RF signals. This allows you to create public safety, defense, and security of private wireless networks.

Satellite terminals

The company offers customizable satellite terminals and high performance accessories. These devices are aimed at meeting the needs of corporate, broadcasting, and military customers. The terminals provide broadband connection via satellite even in places where there is no connection, it is damaged or insufficient quality.

Marine satellite systems

Norsat helps you stay connected even in the middle of the ocean, thus meeting the needs of the marine fleet. At the same time, broadband connection quality remains the same as on land. This allows for constant contact between the interested parties to be maintained.

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