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Norsat BUC

BUC Troubleshooting

  •  Ensure that the BUC matches the application antenna, and the modem being used:

  • Is the input and Output frequency range correct?

  • Is the 10 MHz reference signal present?

  • Is the phase noise mask correct?

  • Is the DC power level correct?

  • If you do not know or are uncertain of any of these parameters, we recommend that you consult the specification page or call your Norsat representative.

  • Ensure that the coaxial connection is tight and that the connector is sealed against water. Connectors that incorporate a separate center pin that is soldered in place is recommended for best operation of the BUC.


  • Ensure that the directions of the feed waveguide and OMT are oriented correctly. Failure to do so will result in improper operation of the BUC.

  • Ensure that the BUC is secured to the feed using the screws provided with the BUC.

  • Ensure that the “O” ring is installed between the BUC and the feed flange to prevent water from getting into the input waveguide of the BUC.

  • Ensure all external BUC assemblies are properly grounded in accordance with grounding instructions supplied by your antenna and receiver manufacturer manual if applicable. Grounding provides protection to the BUC against lightning and ESD damage.

  • For proper system operation consult your modem manufacturer recommendations.

  • Ensure that the transmit power and frequency are correct.

  • Ensure that the condition of the coaxial cable has:

    • - no breaks or cracks in the outside cover.
      - no sharp bends.
      - no pinch points or flattened sections.

There are no user serviceable parts inside the BUC. Failed BUCs must be returned to the factory for testing. Opening the BUC or any attempts to repair the BUC will void the BUC warranty.

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