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ETL Systems

ETL Systems Ltd. - a company engaged in the design and manufacture of professional radio control equipment for various purposes, including ground satellite stations.

It was founded in 1984 in Herefordshire in the city of Rickmansworth (UK). The headquarters of the company is also based there, in a safe area near the BT Madley satellite ground station. It has about 150 employees who are top-notch professional engineers, researchers, testers and manufacturers.

ETL Systems offers its equipment for all markets:

broadcasting - products with high performance and RF distribution, carrying out uniform transitions at different frequencies;

satellite operators - equipment for monitoring and traffic management, as well as hot swap matrices;

oil and gas - VSAT systems and RF components;

telecommunication - splitters, adders, linear amplifiers, as well as systems for direct distribution of radio frequencies through splitters;

government and defense - RF routers for uplink and downlink, satellite communications focused exclusively on reception, and IF switching matrices of various sizes;

Marine - satellite communications applications for uninterrupted broadcast of the TV signal while sailing.

The manufacturer provides customized high-tech solutions for companies, so its products are used in NATO, as well as on the world's largest cruise ships and in the systems of leading satellite operators. The company can even manufacture additional chassis for unique architecture and specific RF characteristics.

Manufacturer's products

The equipment on the market is aimed at improving the efficiency of satellite communication, defense, government and teleport channels around the world. ETL Systems has the following product range:

adders with a range of DC-40 GHz;

L-band dividers;





rack systems;

components of radioactive substances;

converters, etc.

All stages from design to maintenance are carried out at the headquarters by a large team of specialists. The site houses dedicated departments for RF testing, software and concept design, and an automated assembly area.

In the latest news, a large investment company CBPE Capital LLP has invested in ETL Systems to support its growth plans.

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