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NovelSat is a technology company dedicated to providing the next-generation modulation standard for satellite communications.

Our patented NS3™ technology – encompassing modulators, demodulators, modems and ASICs – essentially replaces DVB-S2 as the industry standard. While other solution providers promise better performance and reduced costs, we deliver the fastest data rates, the widest pipe and the most compelling ROI. That means you get the best performance at the lowest costs, resulting in the most profits. And we can prove it to you.

Join the rapidly-growing list of global broadcasters, communications service providers, defense contractors and systems integrators already maximizing satellite capacity with NovelSat NS3™

Broadcast Distribution Challenges

As channel numbers increase exponentially, HDTV and 1080p broadcasting move into the mainstream, and 3D broadcasting is on the horizon - broadcast distribution providers are challenged to cost-effectively obtain the spectrum needed to deliver content. Lack of bandwidth availability and prohibitively high bandwidth costs are hindering distribution, and negatively impacting the bottom line.

NovelSat Solutions

NS3-based solutions from NovelSat deliver almost 30% wider transponder throughput availability per MHz, lowering required bandwidth. Located in the distribution hub and receive sites, in front of the IRD, NS3-based modulators and demodulators enable the addition of more channels, at higher resolutions, without adding more satellite capacity. Moreover, by enabling work with a single carrier over a 70MHz transponder, NS3-based solutions push throughput gains even further.

Data Transmission Challenges

As mobile telephony and Internet usage evolve and satellite transmission costs grow, ISPs and cellular providers in developing regions face the challenges of delivering more data with greater reliability to more people and devices, while still maintaining profitability. VOIP, triple-play, and digital broadcast providers face the dual challenge of simultaneous transmission of video and data over the same channel, at the highest possible bit rate, while still keeping antenna size in check.

NovelSat Solutions

NS3-based solutions from NovelSat deliver almost 30% more available throughput per Mhz, and can conserve bandwidth for usage at existing data rates.

Supporting the highest data transmission rates in the industry, NovelSat solutions achieve up to 358Mbps using 70Msym/sec transmission. Completely application-agnostic, NS3 solutions support all common modulation methods - DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-SNG and NS3 - while delivering significantly higher spectral efficiency compared to DVB-S2.

NovelSat data transmission solutions incorporate modem, modulator and demodulator, and include spectral efficiency enhancement techniques such as ACM. For ISPs, and both cellular and VOIP providers, NovelSat delivers outstanding data rates with minimal bandwidth requirements, providing reliable and cost-effective satellite data links.

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NovelNet NMS Dashboard

NovelNet NMS Dashboard

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NovelSat NS1000 Modulator

NovelSat NS1000 Modulator

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NovelSat NS10C Satellite Modulator Card
NovelSat NS2000 Demodulator
NovelSat NS20C Satellite Demodulator Card
NovelSat NS300X Satellite Modem
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