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Foxcom is recognized today as one of the pioneers of RF over Fiber technology. Our extensive portfolio of RF optical solutions covers a wide range of applications ranging from in-building wireless coverage to satellite ground station connectivity.

Foxcom’s RF/optical product lines are designed to meet the needs of 4 different market segments:

 1. Satellite Communications

Foxcom’s next generation Sat-Light/Platinum series reaffirms its continued commitment to maintaining and developing professional satellite communication links to earth stations, ISPs, cable TV head-ends and other communication gateways. Foxcom has delivered more than 25,000 RF/Optical systems to diverse market segments.

 2. Multi-Family Housing TV Distribution

Foxcom’s BSmarTV suite for commercial video distribution keeps apace with the ever-growing demand for more bandwidth, bringing HDTV, voice and broadband data via a single wire to the home. To date, Foxcom has “wired up” more than 500,000 homes in the USA alone.

 3. In-building Wireless Coverage Solutions

Foxcom is at the forefront of developing new and advanced In-building Wireless Coverage solutions that will enable property owners to install a cost effective fiber based Distributed Antenna System (DAS).Foxcom’s wideband 4G/LTE ready solution delivers all the services and frequencies required by mobile Internet users and emergency response services. 

 4. Military Satellite Solutions

Foxcom fibre optic links are used around the world on numerous different military platforms, whether fixed applications or mobile, land based or maritime.  Foxcom has solutions for both indoor and outdoor scenarios for applications that include VHF/UHF, C-Band, X-Band and Ku Band.

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