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Foxcom GL952SD RF Link S-Band [2000-4000MHz], 4dB Optical Budget

Foxcom GL952SD RF Link S-Band [2000-4000MHz], 4dB Optical Budget

Foxcom GL952SD RF Link S-Band [2000-4000MHz], 4dB Optical Budget

IKtechcorp is the distributor for Foxcom Communications Fiber Optic Systems, a leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial satellite equipment. Foxcom offers a wide range fiber links used in the VSAT, DTH, COTM, Teleport, Cable, and Broadcast industries. Satellite, DTH, VSAT, optical, fiber optic, RF.

• Optimized for Professional Satellite and Wireless Applications
• Wide Dynamic Range
• 10Km Transmission Distance
• Selectable AGC/MGC
• Front Panel Test Port
• Powerful Monitoring Features
• Compatible with all 1st Generation Sat-Light Products

Product Code: foxcom_GL952SD

Foxcom GL952SD RF Link S-Band [2000-4000MHz], 4dB Optical Budget

Foxcom GL952KD RF Link KU-Band Downlink [13.75-14.5GHz], 3dB Optical Budget


Foxcom GL952SD RF Link S-Band [2000-4000MHz], 4dB Optical Budget

Foxcom's Sat-Light/Gold S-Band Optical Link offers a high performance, cost effective alternative to conventional coaxial-cabled systems. Sat-Light/Gold S-Band IFL covers the range of 2000 to 4000MHz. The Gold Series S-Band link is designed for a wide range of satellite and wireless applications. Foxcom’s high dynamic range DFB laser delivers exceptional signal quality for the most demanding of requirements.

The new Sat-Light Gold series is compatible with first generation Sat-Light 7000 Series platform .The Gold Series support L-Band, 70/140MHz IF, Wide Band (10-2200 MHz), 10MHz Reference, Redundancy, M & C, SNMP, Ethernet, and Serial Data Communication.

The link consists of a high dynamic range optical transmitter, which converts incoming

RF signals into optics, and an optical receiver that re-converts the optical signal back into RF. All satellite modulation schemes are accommodated –digital or analog. Inherently low phase is achieved by direct modulation of the laser diode.


Technical Specifications Diagram    

Foxcom GL952SD RF Link S-Band [2000-4000MHz], 4dB Optical Budget



RF Specifications Units Typical Minimum Maximum
Frequency Range MHz 2000-4000MHz    
Link Gain dB Adjustable -10 +10
Amplitude Response @ Unity Gain
any 36 MHz
Gain Stability dB/24hr ±0.25   ±0.3
SFDR1 dB/Hz2/3 102 100  
CNR [36 MHz @ 2.5GHz]1 dB 55 52  
Noise Figure (NF)1 dB 30   32
Output IP3 (OIP3) 2 dB +20 +15  
Third Order InterModulation [IMD]3 dBc Adjustable 55 40
Group Delay Variation- linear
2000 to 4000MHz
ns 4    
Input Signal Range - Total Power7 dBm   -25 -5
RF Output Signal Range - Total Power dBm   -25 -5
Maximum Input without Damage dBm   +15  
Input/Output Impedance  50      
TX/RX Input/Output return loss
50 Ohm
RF Connector Type
Test Port
Test Port [front panel sample port] dB -20 -22 -18
Optical Specifications Unit Typical Minimum Maximum
Optical Power Output dBm 3 2 4
Optical Budget / Distance
4 dB optical budget
dB/Km 1310 nm | 1550 nm
8 |15
Optical Connector Types   FC/APC    
Optical Wavelength nm 1310/1550/CWDM    
Electrical Specification        
Supply Voltage Vdc 13 12.7 18
Supply Current [TX]5 Amps 0.4    
Supply Current (RX) Ampls 0.3    
Physical Specifications        
Operating Temperature Range     -10 +55
Dimensions [D×W×H]        
MTBF   TX: 309, 481
RX: 359, 057

1.   -5dBm RF input, unity gain, IMD=-40 dBc @ 1 meter Fiber

2.   -25dBm RF input, 20dB Gain, IMD=-40 dBc

3.   0dBm RF Output, IMD=-40dBc

4.   User adjustable

5.   Under 10ºC add 120 mA [laser heating]