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Company Belcom Microwaves ltd. is a manufacturer of wireless transceivers that has become a market leader and supplies communications products worldwide. Its main office is located in Industrial Park Ramat Gabriel, 5 Hata'asiya St., Migdal Ha'emek 23101, Israel.

A team of professional engineers is dedicated to the design and manufacture of transceivers of various capacities from small to high, designed for VSAT. In addition, the company manufactures radios, land-based uninterruptible wireless access systems, and other RF/microwave technology products. Each product undergoes meticulous development, modeling, production, many checks, and tests before reaching the customer. All stages are carried out in the shortest possible time without loss of quality.

Target industry of Belcom:

broadband networks and NGN;

cable and satellite communications;

wireless and mobile communications.

A service team of specialists provides support after purchasing the equipment. They help to put it into operation and answer all questions regarding the operation of the device. Each client receives personalized service, data privacy and the selection of the perfect solution. Belcom is trusted by the following large companies: Vizada, Gilat Satellites, Newtec, etc.

Production of the company

Belcom Microwaves manufactures the following main products:

  1. BUC SPARK is a robust block that withstands all external extreme conditions and has low consumption. The lightweight system weighs only 1.85 kg and is available in multiple bands and with power outputs from 1 to 8 watts.

  2. BUC mini is equipped with a feed holder and does not have a fan. Possible power C and extended C with 40 dBm output power assuming P1 dB.

  3. C FlAME BUC of medium power - has increased productivity and is economical in operation. Able to work in extreme conditions at temperatures from -40 to +55 ° C.

  4. The KU medium power BUC is ideal for VSAT terminals from anywhere in the world. Available with different power outputs from 16 to 30 watts.

  5. Accessories for satellite communications - power supplies, Bilas-T, Combiners, etc.

Each product comes with a guaranteed full repair cycle for a period of 17-21 days after purchase. Still have questions about Belcom Microwaves products or would you like to see the complete directory? Contact us by email or phone.

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