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SpaceBridge U9000 Open Edge-Computing Professional VSAT Router

SpaceBridge U9000 Open Edge-Computing Professional VSAT Router
  • Mass-population Internet access.
  • Smart enterprise connectivity.
  • Remote/rural cellular services.
  • Cellular backhaul links with terrestrial/satellite offload.
  • Dynamic-throughput high-capacity links such as 4G and 5G RAN.
  • Providing industrial IoT edge computing for smart mission critical applications
Product Code: U9000

The U9000 is a telco grade VSAT satellite modem for open edge computing applications such as MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing / Mobile edge Computing), SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN), NFV

(Network Function Virtualization) and rural / remote service provisioning. The U9000 satellite modem provides telecom operators, MNOs and service providers the infrastructure for delivering tailored, smart and cost effective applications and processing power to the edge.

  • Built-in powerful open server computing platform for customer-own applications:
  • Indoor 19” rack-mountable.
  • WaveSwitch™ hub-spoke multi-waveform