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SpaceBridge E7000 Enterprise-Class VSAT Router

SpaceBridge E7000 Enterprise-Class VSAT Router
  • Layer-3 support including enterprise routing protocols and VRRP for route diversity
  • Transparent Layer-2, VLANs and trunks support.
  • Built-in PEP (Performance Enhancing Proxy) enhancing user experience and conserving satellite bandwidth usage,
  • Optimizing the link in both in both point-to-point SCPC deployments and in hub-spoke mode.
  • Encrypted VPN tunnel support, allowing traffic protection from VSAT modem to the hub or to enterprise own router (ordering option).
Product Code: E7000

E7000 VSAT router  is part of the ASAT Enterprise VSAT family -also sold as S7000 or VR7000. The E7000 is an enterprise-class VSAT satellite modem designed as a network appliance to cover business needs for corporate and enterprise-class branch office satellite broadband connectivity