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SpaceBridge WU7400 All-Outdoor SATCOM-on-the-Move/Trunking VSAT Router

SpaceBridge WU7400 All-Outdoor SATCOM-on-the-Move/Trunking VSAT Router
  • Satcom On the Move, as well as On the Pause (SOTP) applications
  • Broadband trunks and Mass-population Internet access.
  • Dynamic video-stream contribution app such as homeland security and smart cities.
  • Mission-critical backup links.Dynamic-throughput high-capacity links.
  • Critical communications satellite-as-backup links
  • Mass-population Internet access such as cruise ships.
  • Remote-population Internet hot-spots.
  • Dynamic-throughput high-capacity links
Product Code: WU7400

The MU7400 is a SpaceBridege flagship telecom grade all outdoor VSAT satellite modem for professional broadband and mobility applications.

Full outdoor installation, MF-TDMA / SCPC satellite modem , Telco grade  suitable for vast deployment  flexibly, supports hub-less point-to-point deployments as well as ASAT™ System hubspoke. Start small with point-to-point SCPC  links and grow to large hub-spoke MF-TDMA /Dynamic SCPC network. WaveSwitch™ hub-spoke multi-waveform support:  Automatic on-the-fly MF-TDMA / SCPC Return link switching,  based on application, traffic density and scheduled triggers. SCPC Return Link dynamic channel adaptation to meet traffic demand while conserving satellite bandwidth. OpenAMIP antenna interface support for SATCOM on the Move (SOTM) applications.