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SpaceBridge AMT83L Military Grade, SATCOM-on-the-Move Satellite Modem

SpaceBridge AMT83L Military Grade, SATCOM-on-the-Move Satellite Modem

Based on “Software Defined Radio” architecture, the AMT83L satellite modem provides advanced features, including:

DVB-S2 with LDPC Coding and Adaptive Codingand Modulation (ACM)

  • IP data interface
  • GSE encapsulation
  • Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)
  • AES 128/256 Encryption

Updated feature-set makes the AMT83L a powerful satellite communication tool, supporting efficient DVB-S2 modulation and error corrections codes, and full-fledged IP traffic connectivity with built in routing capabilities and GSE encapsulation. SATCOM-on-the Move (SOTM) mobile applications are supported with DSSS spreading and Open AMIP capabilities. IP Gateway is provided as standard data interface,with additional EIA530/499, HSSI, ASI interface options. 1:1 redundancy switching is built into the unit as an optional feature. With the addition of an interconnecting control cable between the modems and the switch unit for IF and data interfaces complete redundancy is achieved

Product Code: AMT83L