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StarWin 1,2m Ka Band VSAT Antenna Dish

StarWin 1,2m Ka Band VSAT Antenna Dish
  • 120cm Ka band VSAT satellite dish antenna
  • Commercial/Military Ka-band frequency
  • One-piece precision steel reflector
  • Proven high efficiency Ka feeder
  • Fine Azimuth and Elevation adjustment system
  • Robust stand and pedestal
  • Designed for universal ka-band Transceivers
  • Transceiver or BUC support
Product Code: SW 1.2m Ka Band VSAT Antenna Dish

1. 120cm Ka band VSAT satellite dish antenna
2. Commercial/ Military Ka-band frequency
3. One-piece precision steel reflector
4. Proven high efficiency Ka feeder
5. Fine Azimuth and Elevation adjustment system
6. Robust stand and pedestal
7. Designed for universal ka-band Transceivers
8. Transceiver or BUC support