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StarWin 4,5m Earth Station Antenna

StarWin 4,5m Earth Station Antenna
  • High Accuracy Stretch-formed Aluminum Panel
  • Meet data receive and TV receive requirement
  • C-band, Ku-band, ka-band, S-band, L-band frequency as option
  • Linear or Circular Polarized feed system as option
  • Single/Dual Polarization as option
  • Manual/Motorized as option
  • High Erosion Resistance
  • Assembled and tested feed system before leaving factory
Product Code: SW 4.5m Earth Station Antenna

4.5m rxtx satellite antenna
High quality aluminum reflector panels and galvanized steel backup structure
C,KU,KA,X BAND Available, meeting FCC and ITU-RS-580 requirements
Galvanized steel elevation over azimuth pedestal
Fixed foundation and Non penetrating foundation optional for wider choice
Survives 125 mph winds in any position