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StarWin 1,2m Ku/Ka Band Cable-Drive Driveaway

StarWin 1,2m Ku/Ka Band Cable-Drive Driveaway
  • Especially designed for compact vehicles such as SUV
  • Extremely low stowed height, only 280mm
  • Light weight, 80% of the antenna structure is made by carbon fiber material
  • Steel wire rope driver, high driving precise and maintenance free
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • It is used for Ku and Ka band communication
  • High reliability, over 730h test without malfunction
  • Easy operation, with on-button satellite acquisition and stowing
  • High adaptability, shroud can be equipped according to users’ requirement
  • C301DA and C302DA antenna controller can be equipped
  • The system meets the China Satellite related requirement for network accessing in
Product Code: SW 1.2m Ku-Ka Band Driveaway

Especially designed for compact vehicles such as SUV
Extremely low stowed height, only 280mm
Light weight, 80% of the antenna structure is made by carbon fiber material
Steel wire rope driver, high driving precise and maintenance free
Easy assembly and disassembly
It is used for Ku and Ka band communication
High reliability, over 730h test without malfunction
Easy operation.