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MFC-7894D Microwave C-Band Interference Elimination Filters Series 7894D

MFC-7894D Microwave C-Band Interference Elimination Filters Series 7894D
  • Low Insertion Loss – Typically less than 1 dB
  • Also Rejects Transmit Band (5800-6725 MHz) >70 dB Typ –
  • Eliminating the need for a separate TRF
  • Low Group Delay Variation - 8 nS Max
  • Compact Size – For easy installation on single or multi-feed LNBs
  • Superior VSWR Performance - 1.5:1 Max
  • Quick Turnaround – Most orders ship within (1-5) days ARO
Product Code: MFC-7894D

Historically, the solution for eliminating out-of-band interference (e.g. - RADAR) has been to install a highly-selective bandpass filter. Specifically, a filter with a passband corresponding to that region’s standard footprint (i.e. - 3700-4200 MHz, 3400-4200 MHz, etc.).

However, not long ago, WiMAX began operating in the (3400-3800) MHz frequency band in many regions around the world.

This common band operation causes in-band interference at C-band receive sites that cannot be eliminated with “standard footprint” BPFs.

  • Example : WiMAX - operating at 3700 MHz - causes interference at a C-band receive site (where the footprint is 3700-4200 MHz). A standard footprint BPF will pass all frequencies from 3700 4200 MHz (i.e. - including the interfering WiMAX signal).
  • Solution : Install an MFC model 7893D-3780/4200 bandpass filter that will provide 30 dB rejection at 3700 MHz and will pass all remaining C-band from (3780-4200) MHz.