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MFC-WRJA Microwave Rotatable Joint Adaptor Model WRJA

MFC-WRJA Microwave Rotatable Joint Adaptor Model WRJA
  • Available Waveguide Sizes: WR340 to WR42
  • Compact Package
  • Multiple connector and flange options available
  • Call the factory for custom designs
Product Code: MFC-WRJA

MFC offers a line of integrated rotatable joint/waveguide to coaxial adaptors for SATCOM and Radar applications. These devices are ideal for low power, mobile and shipboard satellite tracking systems. This product is especially useful where low-speed, low duty cycle rotation or partial rotation is necessary.

This product should not be confused with the significantly more expensive Rotary joint. Rotary joint products typically are engineered for continuous duty, pressurized, and other high performance conditions, and may meet MIL-E-5400 Class II. These are often far too expensive for applications where these specifications are just not required.