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WMRSCM-2-OD Work Microwave 2:1 Outdoor Redundancy Switch

WMRSCM-2-OD Work Microwave 2:1 Outdoor Redundancy Switch
  • User Interface: LCD (VFD as option), 2 x 40 characters, 4 cursor keys, 2 function keys, Status LED’s
  • Summary Alarm Interface: Controller alarm out, two potential free contacts (DPDT, connector DSUB09 female)
  • Interface to Indoor Redundancy Sets: Main unit alarm and IF/RF-relay-control (2x connector DSUB15 female)
  • Interface to Indoor Spare Unit: Alarm (connector DSUB15 female)
  • Communication Interface to Indoor Units: RS485 (connector DSUB09 male)
  • Interface to Outdoor Switch Box: Unit alarms, RS485 communication interface to units, IF/RF-relay-control, 24V supply (connector MIL-C-26482: MS 3120 E 16-26 P)
Product Code: WMRSCM-2-OD

The WORK Microwave Redundancy Switch RSCM-2-OD/ID is a solution for a 2:1 redundancy system with indoor controller and Outdoor Switch Box, which includes the coaxial transfer switches. It can be used for Upconverters and Downconverters.

The system can be configured from the front panel or remotely via RS232, RS422/485, or TCP/IP over Ethernet.

The switching system can be set in automatic mode, whereby an automatic switchover to the spare unit is performed upon detection of an alarm generated by the main unit. In addition, a manual switchover to the spare unit and back can be initiated.

Two power supplies and two AC input connectors within the unit guarantee high availability.

The Redundancy Switch RSCM-2-OD/ID is also available with integrated uplink power control (Option UPC).