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CableFree Microwave Antennas for 4-42GHz

CableFree Microwave Antennas for 4-42GHz

Multiple frequency bands including:

  • 5.725-5.850GHz
  • 7.125-7.725GHz
  • 8.200-8.75GHz
  • 10.7—11.7GHz
  • 12.75-13.25GHz
  • 14.40-15.35GHz
  • 17.70-19.70GHz
  • 21.20-23.60GHz
  • 24.25-26.5GHz
  • 37.00-40.00GHz
Product Code: CFMicrowave-Antennas-for-4-42GHz

Wireless Excellence offers the CableFree range of high performance microwave radios using licensed frequencies in the common 4-42GHz bands.

CableFree microwave communication antennas are high efficiency, low VSWR and high cross polarization discrimination XPD parabolic antennas; comes with standard or high performance versions. Incorporating feed-forward flex wave-guide, the series are designed to be versatile and reliable in all climate conditions. They are your ideal choice for long or short haul microwave links.