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CableFree OFDM 4,9GHz ICR-N

CableFree OFDM 4,9GHz ICR-N
  • Advanced OFDM Radio Solution
  • Integrated Client Radio (ICR) ideal as CPE
  • Raw data rates up to 108Mbps
  • Product covers 4.9-5.8GHz ISM band
  • Supports 4.9GHz band for Public Safety applications
  • Range up to 15km*
  • Versions with inbuilt 20 or 23dBi antennas
  • Data Throughput up to 100Mbps Half Duplex
  • Carrier-class OS with NAT, filtering, full management features
  • Power-over-Ethernet technology
  • Optional Fibre Optic SFP Interface with SingleMode (SM), MultiMode (MM), CWDM & DWDM fibre options
  • No RF cables – single Cat 5 carries power + network data
  • Rugged environmental IP66 waterproof enclosure
  • 200Km/h Wind Resistance
Product Code: CFOFDM-4-9GHz-ICR-N

Embedded Router Platform

CableFree OFDM radios from Wireless Excellence are high-performance carrier-grade Radio Solutions. They embody state-of-the-art software-defined-radio hardware, coupled with a powerful carrier-class router operating software with advanced Layer 2 Bridging and Layer 3 Routing features:
  • High performance CPU, 400MHz MIPS architecture
  • IP Bridging
  • Layer3 IP Routing
  • Advanced Networking: RSTP, BGP, OSPF & MPLS
  • VPN and Ethernet-over-IP (EoIP) Tunnels
  • Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
  • WISP & hotspot –specific features including Walled Garden, Cookies, RADIUS authentication, accounting, control of connection time
  • Advanced, feature-rich QoS & traffic prioritisation
  • Uplink and downlink bandwidth control on a per-user basis
  • Firewall, NAT, DHCP Client and Server

Enhanced Wireless Performance

CableFree OFDM radios from Wireless Excellence offer major advantages over competing radio products. Examples are:
  • Highly configurable – use any allowed channel in 5GHz band, and 4.9GHz for Public Safety applications
  • 802.11an radio chipset
  • Software-selectable 5, 10, 20, 40MHz channel widths.
  • OFDM and DSSS Software-defined radio – ‘state-of-the art’ radio using powerful DSP technology
  • Optional proprietary TDMA wireless protocol - improves P2P and P2MP wireless links through packet optimisation. No protocol/speed degradation for long links. Added security layer. Full duplex option using dual wireless cards
  • Sophisticated RadioOS software platform
  • Hotspot features including Radius authentication and per-user bandwidth controls