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CableFree Gigabit POE Surge Protector

CableFree Gigabit POE Surge Protector
  • Product designed according to IEC61000-4-4,and IEEE802.3AT standard.
  • Excellent performance discharge capability, which can prevent equipment damage caused by transient voltage differences between power supply, network, earth and other equipment.
  • Adopt multi-level protection circuit, low residual voltage, and excellent protective effect.
  • Extremely quick response and large surge protection capacity.
  • Excellent stable signal transmission performance and long working life.
  • Composite SPD apply to the lightning protection for the Unpowered data network and Powered POE Ethernet
Product Code: CFGigabit-POE-Surge-Protector

The product uses high-quality components throughout the design, with stable performance, from over current to over-voltage all have made comprehensive protection. The internal structure includes two kinds of surge protection solutions for network data cable surges which can prevent your systems and equipment from surge damage caused by electrostatic discharge or lightning strike.

Product Installation:

1. This product should be installed between customer Ethernet network signal and the equipment protected. The output interface is connected with the POE equipment that requires protection.

2. All wires must be solid and tested for electrical continuity.

3. The earth terminal of SPD should be connected with ground wire, terminal forks on the ground screw applied to connect with grounding collection row and earth terminal of signal SPD, after the ground wire connected well, tighten the screws. The grounding cable should have core ≥2.5mm2, and length of the ground wire should be less than 1 m. Grounding of lightning protection should comply with the lightning protection standard; grounding wire should be as thick and short as possible, ground resistance should be less than 4Ω.