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CableFree FSO Access

CableFree FSO Access
  • Full-duplex bandwidth from 1.5Mbps up to 155Mbps
  • Range variants support links up to 4,000m
  • Fully upgradable via plug-in interface modules
  • Rugged environmental IP65 waterproof enclosure
  • Full range of PDH & SDH Copper & Fibre interfaces
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC)
Product Code: CFFSO-Access


  • Wireless Voice, Data and Video transport
  • Last-mile network connections
  • GSM & 3G Cellular network interconnect
  • Fast Roll-out & Temporary Deployment
  • Fibre Resilience


  • Mounting Brackets Wall, Roof, Pole, Tower or Tripod mount options available
  • Indoor unit Indoor network termination and SNMP V2 management interface. See SmartAgent
  • Alignment kit Display of Local & Remote signal levels
  • Management Suite Full range of solutions including LinkManager™, AlarmView™, ClusterManager™, GSM modem

System Specifications

  • Environmental IP65 weather-sealed unit
  • Power supply options for 115V ac, 230V ac, 48V dc
  • Alignment Mechanical sight, 10-stage RSSI meter, FM audio circuit & tones, handheld test set.