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CF4G-Base-Station-Small-Cell CableFree 4G-LTE Cellular Base Station Small Cell

CF4G-Base-Station-Small-Cell CableFree 4G-LTE Cellular Base Station Small Cell
  • Compact, Software-Defined 4G/LTE Base Station
  • Small Cell: Compact, all-outdoor installation
  • Spectrally Efficient, Software-Defined Radio
  • "Stand Alone" mode capable
  • Supports both FDD or TDD modes
  • Supports MIMO 2x2 as standard
  • Options for 4x4 MIMO and Dual 2x2 MIMO
  • Transmit Power from 500mW to 20W per Tx
  • Optional support for other Backhaul signals up to 100MHz bandwidth
  • Supports LTE release 12, 13 & 14 (LTE-Advanced)
  • Supports NB-IoT (Internet of Things) Modes
  • Upgradable to 5G with future software releases
  • Support for LTE in 5GHz Unlicensed Bands
Product Code: CF4G-Base-Station-Small-Cell

Advanced 4G/LTE Software Defined Radio Small Cell Base Station

CableFree: Wireless Excellence offers high performance 4G/LTE Small Cell Base stations solutions for a wide variety of applications. Covering all common 4G/LTE bands the base stations feature Software Defined Radio (SDR) which enables great flexibility of operation and future upgrade path.

4G/LTE networks using CableFree Emerald 4G SDR Small Cell base stations enjoy great flexibility, high performance as well as very low cost of operation and ownership. "Stand Alone" operation is possible which enables the 4G Base station to connect remote terminals without need for external network elements.. This is ideal for closed network type applications such as CCTV, campus sites and disaster recovery scenarios, where there is no centralised infrastructure or Network Operations Centre.

Enhanced Performance, Flexibility & Features

The CableFree: Wireless Excellence Emerald Small cell platform is an integrated advanced system capable of handling multiple LTE carriers. Provided in a sealed carrier grade unit for installation in most locations. The Emerald RF platform is at the forefront in terms of digital pre-distortion technology and signal processing associated to advanced PA architecture. This make the Emerald platform ideal for implementation within the cellular and advanced point to point communications market.

The Emerald RF platform is suitable as a multicarrier power amplifier either in the Base station or aggregated within the deployment To achieve maximum flexibility in terms of utilisation, units can support:

  • TDD or FDD Modes
  • Additional Customer specific frequencies

The duplexer used for TDD modes ensures compliance with the ETSI TS136 104 specifications.

The Emerald RF platform allows management through the Ethernet based connection. This allows for the transceiver to be managed or upgraded either via local connection or via secure remote protocols.

CableFree Small Cell platform allows for the Rx inputs to operate in high or low sensitivity modes for NF receiver performance.

The Small Cell Unit carries 2 CPRI input connections to allow for the latest generation of LTE architecture to be implemented