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CF4G-Enterprise-Cat6 CableFree 4G-LTE Cellular CPE - Enterprise Cat6

CF4G-Enterprise-Cat6 CableFree 4G-LTE Cellular CPE - Enterprise Cat6
  • Compact, 4G/LTE CPE solution, Category 6 compliant
  • Spectrally Efficient, Software-Defined Radio
  • "Stand Alone" mode capable
  • The Emerald Platform supports both FDD/TDD LTE and supports MIMO 2x2 natively
  • Emerald CPE can accommodate analogue telephony plus VOIP and broadband Data
Product Code: CF4G-Enterprise-Cat6

Advanced 4G/LTE CPE solution (Cat6)

Wireless Excellence offers high performance 4G/LTE CPE solutions for a wide variety of applications. Covering all common 4G/LTE bands of the base stations which enables great flexibility of operation and future upgrade path.

4G/LTE networks using CableFree Emerald CPEs enjoys great flexibility, high performance as well as very low cost of operation and ownership. "Stand Alone" operation is possible which enables the 4G Base station to connect remote terminals without need for external network elements. This is ideal for closed network type applications such as CCTV, campus sites and disaster recovery scenarios, where there is no centralised infrastructure or Network Operations Centre.

Enhanced Performance, Flexibility & Features

The CableFree Emerald CPE is available as a full indoor unit, or an indoor unit with additional indoor panel antenna or with an outdoor antenna for longer distance links. . All units are highly versatile in deployment, with full support for LTE in both TDD & FDD as well as multi-mode wireless capabilities.

Key Features:

  • TR-069 and OMA-DM network management protocols
  • Can be adapted via modules to LTE support in several different frequency bands
  • Support internal or external antenna
  • Simple, elegant and suitable for multiple locations

CableFree Emerald Enterprise CPE Options

CableFree Emerald Enterprise CPE units can be configured in a number of ways. Options include:

  • Standard Whip Antennas (up to 3dBi)
  • Panel Antenna (up to 4dBi)
  • External Antenna (Up to 11dBi)
  • 3 GBE Ethernet ports standard, optional Ports available (GBE, SFP)
  • Desktop or rack mount options

Due to the modular design of the units we can expand the units to offer multiple LTE 4G, GBE & SFP options, please contact your local sales agent to discuss specific requirements.