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CFBandwidth-Test-Appliance CableFree Bandwidth Test Appliance

CFBandwidth-Test-Appliance CableFree Bandwidth Test Appliance
  • High Performance Bandwidth Test Appliance
  • Up to 1Gbps throughput testing
  • Compact Hardware Platform
  • Embedded Linux OS based Software
  • Low Power Operation: can be run from batteries or inverters for temporary use or on rooftop/tower sites
  • Connect using any Laptop, Desktop PC, Tablet or Smartphone with an HTML5-enabled browser. Includes modern Android & Apple Smartphones
Product Code: CFBandwidth-Test-Appliance

The CableFree Bandwidth Test Appliance is designed for performance testing of IP Wired and Wireless Networks. The system comprises a powerful embedded CPU core running custom Linux-based Operating Software and Bandwidth Test Server Application.

The unit can be used to test networks up to 1Gbps line rate, which includes high speed Point to Point (P2P) Wireless Links (Microwave, MMW, Radio, FSO) as well as mobile & nomadic networks such as 4G/LTE, 5G, WiFi and other.

Users operate a test from a remote PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone device with HTML5-enabled browser. This includes Chrome or Internet Explorer, and most other modern browsers.

For high speed tests, a high performance Desktop or Laptop is required with GBE ports.

Note that when testing from your browser, all network elements between the PC and the Bandwidth Test Appliance are included in the test; so if you want to test a single element (such as a Point to Point Link), you have to connect the Bandwidth Test Appliance directly at one end, and the PC directly to the other. Alternatively, for end-user testing to mobile devices (smartphones, laptops) the Bandwidth Test utility normally resides in the network core, attached to a core switch, and the end devices then test the full throughput. This can be invaluable when testing LTE or WiFi mobile networks.

The Appliance gives far more useful and accurate results compared to websites such as "speedtest" which incur the variabilities of Internet connections, ISP rate-throttling, loading and contention ratios. Using this appliance, you get to test the capabilities of your own network, not the uncontrolled Internet environment outside.