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iQ LTE Series

iQ LTE Series
  • VSAT/LTE failover and failback
  • WAN link affinity steering
  • Advanced VPN connectivity
  • SD-WAN option
  • QoS setting or link choice (affinity)
  • NetCloud Manager
  • Dual-SIM card slot
  • DVB-S2/S2X (release dependent), ATDMA
  • Multicast Overlay
  • Mobility
  • 256-bit AES link encryption
Product Code: iQ-LTE-Series

The iQ LTE series is ideal for enterprise, maritime, and land mobility applications, the single box, converged solution combines high-performance iQ series features with an integrated LTE cellular modem for robust mobility connectivity reaching throughputs over 1000 Mbps on a cellular network and over 300 Mbps on a VSAT network, when being used in L2oS mode. Its licensable features enable the service provider to scale easily by adding more inbound throughput capabilities to the modem avoiding costly site visits or modem swap outs. The satellite modem will reach high return throughput capabilities due to high Msps rate (up to 15 Msps) on the inbound and supports higher power BUCs and OpenAMIP mobility. The modem’s ease of installation allows service providers to deploy their services quickly, in a cost-effective way.

Learn more about the iQ LTE Series Modem along with key use cases, such as Secure Banking and ATM Resiliency, First Responder and Mobile Command, and Maritime Applications.