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GeoSat Microwave HD Infrared Night Vision Laser Imaging Camera-| Model GSM7502M

GeoSat Microwave HD Infrared Night Vision Laser Imaging Camera-| Model GSM7502M
  • Navigation;
  • Fishery and aquaculture monitoring;
  • Seaport & airport security and safety monitoring;
  • Lake, river & water system monitoring;
  • Mariculture monitoring
  • Oilfield security;
  • Forest fire prevention;
  • City Security and Safety Monitoring & Surveillance
Product Code: GSM7502M



Laser Illumination


2000m - 3000m

Laser Specification

Laser Light Source

1. Consumption: 15W;

2. Wavelength: 810nm;

3. Laser angle: 0.5°~20°;

4. Encapsulation: the illuminator is sealed with inert gas to prevent oxidation;

5. Using distributed laser design, laser emitter and high-temperature components are directly affixed to the shell’s cooling fins, that have stronger heat dissipation capability if compared with the modular laser.

Laser Len

1. Lens form: 60X f1.2-80mm ultra-short focal zoom patented technology, laser 600 micron cross-section imaging lens;

2. Transmittance: multi-layer NIR Anti-reflective coating, high efficiency laser coupling;

3. Homogenization: GHT-II super homogenization HD illumination patented technology, full focus spot brightness equilibrium is > 92%;

4. Laser Safety: Using ZQB safety laser beam processing patented technology, which complying with International IEC60825 Safety Standard;

5. Focus Angle Positioning: Precision digital drive positioning.

Spot form: (Optional: elliptical spot illuminator - the spot always keeps elliptic in the process of change, better matching with 16:9 HD camera picture, where the laser utilization rate increased by 30%)

Angle and distance matching

1. Matching method: Automatic tracking or manually fine-tuning intelligent matching method;

2. Synchronization control: DSS digital stepping illumination angle control technology, 0.1 degree precise servo control;

3. Response time: Z-super laser angle and imaging ratio matching algorithm, tracking response time less than 500 ms;

4. Synchronization effect: Laser synchronization effect adjusts the modes of cut-in, cut-out and full-screen coverage, which can be set arbitrarily according to the scene remotely.

5. Optical axis alignment: SLM double optical axis self-locking alignment device, the accuracy can reach 0.01 degrees, reserve external alignment window, without cover removal maintenance

Laser Switch

1. Control mode: Mandatory opening, mandatory closing and photosensitive automatic control, can be set remotely.

2. Photosensitive synchronous control: independent photosensitive control circuit, precise synchronous switching of laser switch and camera into day-night mode.

3. Data Processing: Built-in Intelligent Anti-Strong Light Jamming Algorithms, Shielding the False Switches Caused by Strong Light at Night

Visible Camera

Weather Condition


Normal (lightly polluted)


Vehicle: >10000m

Vehicle: 8000m

Human: 3500m

Human: 1500m


Vehicle: 8000m

Vehicle: 6000m

Human: 2500m

Human: 1200m


Vehicle: 5000m

Vehicle: 3000m

Human: 1200m

Human: 500m - 800m


Wide angle: 38.80o x 33.82o x 19.02o

Long focus: 0.71o x 0.62o x 0.35o

Camera Specification

1. Sensor type: 1 / 1.8 "progressive scan CMOS

2. Minimum illumination: color: 0.0007 lux @ (f1.2, AGC on); black and white: 0.0001 lux @ (f1.2, AGC on)

3. Shutter: 1 second to 1 / 100000 second

4. Slow shutter: Support

5. Lens interface: Type C / CS interface

6. Automatic diaphragm: DC drive

7. Day night conversion mode: ICR infrared filter

8. Digital noise reduction: 3D digital noise reduction

9. Wide dynamic range: 120dB

10. Focus-a: Support ABF auxiliary focus

Compression standard:

1. Video compression standard: H.265/H.264/MPJEG

2. H.265 coding type: Main profile

3. H.264 encoding type: Baseline profile / main profile / high profile

4. Video compression rate: 32 Kbps ~ 16mbps

5. Audio compression standard: G.711/G.722.1/G.726/mp2l2/aac/pcm

6. Audio compression rate: 64Kbps (G.711) / 16kbps (G.722.1) / 16kbps (G.726) / 32-160kbps (mp2l2) / 16-64kbps (AAC)


1. Maximum image size: 1920 × 1080

2. Main stream resolution and frame rate: 50Hz: 25FPS (1920 × 10801280 × 9601280 × 720), 60Hz: 30fps (1920 × 1080,1280 × 960,1280 ×720)

3. The resolution and frame rate of the third stream are independent of the settings of the main stream, and the maximum support is 50Hz: 25FPS (1920 × 1080); 60Hz: 30fps (1920 × 1080)

4. Image setting: Corridor mode, saturation, brightness, contrast and sharpness can be adjusted by client or browser

5. Image enhancement: Backlight compensation, strong light suppression, fog penetration, electronic anti shake, 3D noise reduction.

6. Day night conversion mode: Automatic, timed, alarm triggered

7. Image overlay: Supports BMP 24 bit image overlay and optional area

8. ROI in region of interest: Supports three bitstreams to set four fixed regions respectively to ensure face details at low bitrate

Network Function:

1. Storage function: Supports micro SD / SDHC / SDXC card (128G) off network local storage, NAS (NFS, SMB / CIFS all support)

2. Intelligent alarm: Motion detection, blocking alarm, network cable disconnection, IP address conflict, memory full, memory error, illegal access

3. Support protocols: TCP / IP, ICMP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, RTP, RTSP, RTCP, PPPoE, NTP, UPnP, SMTP, SNMP, IGMP, 802.1x, QoS, IPv6


1. Focal Length: 22 - 750mm, 200 mil electrical focus (Optional: 12.5 - 750mm lens);

2. HD infrared correction: Optical IR correction design, diurnal focus;

3. Auto aperture: support;

4. Night-day wide spectrum: 0.4-0.75um visible broad spectrum window and 0.8-0.95um NIR narrow spectrum window with day-night independent double-pass window to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of imaging light and stray light.

5. Preset position: precision potentiometer, DC5V, zoom focusing feedback

6. Interface: C/CS

Penetrate fog (Optional)

Optical filtering and AFR optoelectronic enhanced image processing technology, color penetrate fog

LPR (Optional)

Avoid strong light, license plate recognition


1. Material: Integral aluminum alloy housing, sealed and waterproof;

2. Structure: integration double window design;

3. Window glass: 4mm microcrystalline infrared high-efficiency transparent HLIN optical glass, transmittance > 98%;

4. Surface spraying: PTA three-resistance coating, anti corrosion (optional);

5. Temperature control: The whole system adopts thermal balance design + wide temperature electronic and optoelectronic devices, with built-in heating and heat dissipation components, which can work in low temperature and high temperature environment.

6. Weather proof: IP66, water-proof, dust-proof;

7. Connector:Aviation Water-Proof Connector.


1. Load duty:50kg CNC Pan-Tilt;

2. Pan: 0 - 360° continuously,Tilt: +45°~-45°

3. Rotation speed:Pan: 0.01~30°/S,Tilt: 0.01~15°/S, support with lens focus speed adaptive function;

4. Preset: 255 preset, support lens zooming and focus preset;

5. Accuracy: ±0.1°;

6. Cruise Line-Scan: support 6 cruise line, 1 apple-skin scan, 1 line scan;

7. Watching: Pre-positioning/Automatic Cruise Route/Automatic Scanning Route

8. Power-off memory: support (restoring pre-power-off position, preset point status, cruise status, line-scanning status)

9. Azimuth Information: Support angle query, return and positioning;

10. Zero correction: support for north-to-zero remote correction function.

11. Power consumption: about 120W

12. Weight: 23kg

Enhancements (Optional)

1. Auto-focus tuning: support remote auto-focus precision parameter adjustment, adapt to different scenarios;

2. Day and night cruise: D/N cruise with different preset groups, day cruise 1 - 40 preset, night cruise 41 - 80 preset, according to the photosensitive status will automatically D/N switching, adapt to different space-time scenarios;

3. Temperature Compensation: TCS automatic rear focus compensation function, adapts to a wide range of high and low temperature changed environment, the rear focus remained clear always;

4. Remote Maintenance: Support the remote upgrade of embedded programs, convenient for after-sales maintenance;

5. Wipers: (Optional: built-in wipers);

6. Window cleaning: (Optional: external small sprinkler, self-storage water, freezing without damage, won’t affect the camera’s function);

7. Lens Servo: (Optional: Lens Focus Field of View Return/Location Function);

8. Extension module: (Optional: extended functions such as GPS, laser ranging, etc.);

9. Extended interface: (RS422/485 and analog video can be reserved, azimuth data can be returned for radar, GIS linkage positioning, or third-party intelligent analysis);

10. Optical network: (Optional: built-in fiber module, single mode fiber output, improve anti-jamming)

Intelligence Function (Optional)

  1. Regional intrusion detection support;
  2. Border-Crossing intrusion detection support;
  3. Panoramic stitching;
  4. Radar linkage;
  5. Auto-tracking support;
  6. Multi-scene group cruising support;
  7. 3D zooming/positioning selection;

(The above functions need to be implemented in conjunction with general software and network modules)

Other Specifications


  1. Network interface: RJ45. 10/100 Base-T adaptive (integrated video output and RS485 control)
  2. Network protocol: TCP/IP, UDP, IPv4/v6; support HTTP, RTP, RTSP, NFS, DHCP, NTP, SMTP, SNMPv1/v2c/v3, UPNP, PPPoE, DNS, FTP; support PSIA, ONVIF2.0, GB28181
  3. Support Onvif 2.0 a
  4. Pelco-P、Pelco-D baud rate 2400、4800、9600、19200(optional)
  5. Power supply: AC/DC24V, Anti-reverse connection protection
  6. Interface:aviation waterproof connector.



1. Working temperature: - 25 ~60 (- 40 Optional);

2. Storage Temperature: -45 ~+70;

3. Humidity: <90%;

4. Seismic resistance: 0.2g (in accordance with GB/T15211-2013 5.4 harsh grade 2);

5. Impact resistance: 15g (in accordance with GB/T15211-2013 5.3 harsh grade 3);

6. Lightning protection: built-in surge protection interface circuit, 4000V power supply, 2000V signal;

7. Salt spray prevention: continuous spray for 96 hours at pH 6.5 to 7.2, no change in surface.

8. Protection Level: IP66

Total Weight

≤45kg (PT included)

Total Consumption