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GeoSat Microwave Heraus Vehicle Mounted Multi-Channel Thermal Imaging Camera-| Model GSM1656H

GeoSat Microwave Heraus Vehicle Mounted Multi-Channel Thermal Imaging Camera-| Model GSM1656H
  • has simple structure, compact and delicate structure design;
  • highly positioning accuracy and reliability;
  • flexible, fast, stable start and stop, and easy to control and operate.;
  • configurated with the functions of multi-point target preset, memory, automatic cruise, and so on;
  • position arbitrarily to achieve real all-round blind spot monitoring;
  • high performance-price ratio.
Product Code: GSM1656H




General Specification








5th generation uncooled focal plane array VOx Detector


384 × 288 pixel

640 × 512 pixel

Spectral range



50mK (@25℃ F1.0)

Focal length

31 - 155mm, 0.56 - 0.11mrad

Field of view(horizontal)

12.4° × 9.3° - 2.5° × 1.8°

20°×15° - 4°× 3°

Len Control

1. Zooming: Electrical Zoom.

2. Focusing: Manual/Auto Focus (3A adaptive active focusing algorithm, supports multiple trigger modes with high precision and speed).

3. Optical machine: 3CAM mode and AS+DOE optical structure, high infrared over transmission, zoom process without virtual focus, smaller axis.

Image processing

1. Image enhancement: SDE digital image processing.

2. Pseudo colour polarity: 16 pseudo color and B/W, B/W conversion.

3. Image parameter: AGC automatic gain control, brightness and contrast.

4. Digital zoom: 2X, 4X digital amplification.

5. NUC Correction: Auto/Manual correction, background correction.

6. Hot-points analysis: support multiple hot-points box show alarm function.


  1. Strong Light Protection: Support anti sunburn function.
  2. Temperature correction: no thermal imagery design, thermal imaging clarity is not affected by temperature.
  3. Scene mode: support multi-configuration scenarios, adapt to different environment applications.
  4. Lens Servo: Support the functions of lens preset, focal length return and focal length location.
  5. Azimuth Information: support angle query/real-time return and positioning, support azimuth video overlay real-time display.
  6. Remote Maintenance: Support remote upgrade of embedded programs, convenient for after-sales maintenance.
  7. Parameter Settings: OSD Menu Remote Call Operations.

Intelligence Function (Optional)

  1. Auto-tracking system;
  2. Anti-drone tracking system;
  3. Panoramic stitching;
  4. Radar linkage;
  5. Hot-point alert;
  6. Patrol detection;
  7. 3D zooming/positioning selection;
  8. Analysis: Invasion, leaving, straggling, retention, lingering, target trajectory.

(The above functions need to be implemented in conjunction with general software and network modules)


1. RS-485(PELCO D protocol, Baud rate 2400bps)、RS-232(optional);

2. Remote OSD setting;

3. PAL/NTSC video output;

4. AC24V/DC12V;

5. Waterproof aviation connector

Environment Parameter

1. One integral aluminum alloy housing;

2. Operating temperature: -25 ~55 (-40 Optional);

3. Storage temperature: -35°~70°;

4. Humidity: <90%

5. Seismic resistance: 0.2g (in accordance with GB/T15211-2013’s 5.4 Harsh grade 2);

6. Impact resistance: 15g (in accordance with GB/T15211-2013’s 5.3 Harsh grade 3);

7. Lightning protection: interface circuit with built-in surge protection, 4000V power supply, 2000V signal;

8. Salt spray proof: continuous spray for 48 hours at pH 6.5 to 7.2, no change in surface.

9. Protection Level: IP66

PTZ (Optional)

1. Load: 30kg (optional 50kg)

2. Rotation: pan: 0~360°, tilt: -45°~+45°

3. Rotation speed: Pan: 0.01°~30°/S, tilt: 0.01°/S ~15°/S

4. 200 presets

5. Accuracy: ±0.1°

6. Cruise line: Support multiple cruise-line scanning.

7. Keep Watching: Preset/Auto-Patrol/Auto-Scanning.

8. Power Off Memory: Support(Can restore the position before power off, patrol status, line-scanning status).

9. Azimuth information: support angle query, real time return, positioning; support azimuth video overlay real time display.

10. Null-point Correction: support north null-point remote correction function.

11. Power consumption: about 100W


1. Material:aluminum alloy housing, waterproof, to avoid mold and moisture;

2. Structure:Integral single window design;

3. Surface:PTA coating, anti sea water corrosion;

4. Sealing rate:IP66 (IP67 Optional)

5. Built-in temperature controller,thermal balance design;

6. Interface:aviation waterproof connector

Network Module (Optional)

  1. IP Connection:RJ45,10/100 Base-T Adaptor (Integrated Video Output and RS485 Control)
  2. Network Protocol: Support TCP/IP, UDP, IPv4/v; Support HTTP, RTP, RTSP, NFS, DHCP, NTP, SMTP, SNMPv1/v2c/v3, UPNP, PPPoE, DNS, FTP; Support PSIA、ONVIF, etc.. (optional)
  3. Encoding: H.264,Mpeg-4,Mpeg-2,MJPEG
  4. Resolution: D1/4CIF/2CIF/CIF/QCIF
  5. Frame rate: 25PAL/30NTSC Frame@D1
  6. Local storage: support one 32G microSD card
  7. Power consumption: about 6W