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Foxcom Inmarsat & GPS Optical Repeater for Hangars

Foxcom Inmarsat & GPS Optical Repeater for Hangars
  • Testing can be done indoors at any time and in any cli>
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Quick return on investment (ROI)
  • Fiber optic benefits: Low RF transmission loss, improved signal quali>
  • Savings on aircraft tug and technical personnel
  • Savings on heating and cooli>
  • Deli>
Product Code: foxcom-inmasrsat-gps

Global Foxcom is offering a unique, Inmarsat & GNSS Fiber-based Repeater solution for Inmarsat BGAN satelli>

The Inmarsat fiber repeater system is suppli>

A dual-zone system is available for a hangar that requires double the coverage or separate support area.

The fiber optic cable between the indoor and outdoor units enables remote and flexible placement of outdoor antennas.