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foxcom-iridium-optisum Foxcom Iridium Optical Link

foxcom-iridium-optisum Foxcom Iridium Optical Link
  • Complete solution for using Iridium devices without sky view
  • The only Iridium-based communication solution that extends to 3km
  • Simple installation
Product Code: foxcom-iridium-optisum

Global Foxcom’s optical system is the ideal solution for mobile satelli>

Global Foxcom’s fully integrated Iridium optical solution provides a cost effective alternative to coax cable deployments. Harnessing the superior performance of fiber optics, Global Foxcom’s Iridium kit provides a coax free solution for in-building Iridium satelli>

The kit consists of Global Foxcom’s Sat-li>

Iridium users can now enjoy the many benefits that optical fiber has to offer, such as improved signal quali>

Global Foxcom offers a full SATELli>