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Foxcom Outdoor Unit for Military and Tactical Solutions

Foxcom Outdoor Unit for Military and Tactical Solutions
  • IP-67 Enclosure for Extreme Outdoor Mounting Conditions
  • Integrated Power Supply and Optional Redundant Power Supply
  • Milspec Optical Connectors: TFOCA or Hermaphradidtic
  • Suitable for Upli>
  • 50 Ohm N-type Connectors
  • Can include Bi-directional Serial Data or Ethernet Transceiver
Product Code: foxcom-outdoor-unit-military-and-tacticasl

The Global Foxcom Series Outdoor Unit (ODU) 4004 is an outdoor enclosure providing IP-67 weatherproof protection for Global Foxcom Sat-li>

Most product options offer manual gain control (MGC). The ODU contains an internal power supply sufficient for any combination of transmitters and receivers. Redundant power supply options and LNB powering are available. Prime power to the ODU is via a weather-tight connector from an AC power supply. Operational status is displayed via LEDs on the cover.

The Sat-li>

When configured with transmitters in a downli> configured as a transceiver for VSAT appli>