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Foxcom VHF/UHF Military Radio Links Stackable Rack Mount

Foxcom VHF/UHF Military Radio Links Stackable Rack Mount
  • Frequency Range - Bandwidth: 30-88MHz
  • Antenna Unit to Radio Unit Gain: 10dB
  • Noise Figure: Less than 5dB
  • Output IP3 (OIP3): +64dBm
  • Input Signal Range - Total Power: Up to 39dBm (7watt) Operating, 53dBm (200Watt) Survive
  • RF Output Signal Range - Total Power: Depends on received signal level
  • RSU/ASU Optical Power Output: +3dBm/2mW (Min)
Product Code: foxcom-military-radio-links-stacksable

Global Foxcom’s Mili>

The system is composed of two main units that contain fiber optic converters, power ampli>

  • RSU (Radio Unit), which interfaces with 1/2/4 or more radios.
  • ASU (Antenna Unit) outputs up to 50 Watts of transmit power to each connected antenna.

The radio units connect to the radio via coax cable and are protected against transmit power overload. The ASU is safeguarded against environmental degradation and can maintain full output power at all times.

With a strong processing power and a Zero transmit loss circuitry, Global Foxcom Radio li>

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