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Foxcom Power Supply | PL7011

Foxcom Power Supply | PL7011
  • Switching power supply designed for the PL7010 Chassis
  • Wide voltage AC input Range 100-240VAC
  • High power 15A, 180W
  • Embedded M&C microprocessor
  • No Fan, high MTBF
  • Hot Swap
Product Code: foxcom-chasssis

The PL7011 power supply is a switching power supply designed to power the PL7010 Sat-Light/Platinum chassis. It has a built-in AC voltage auto-sensing circuit and supports an AC voltage input range from 100 to 240VAC.

A single PL7011 power supply provides up to 180 Watts of power, double the maximum power capacity required by a full chassis. Two PL7011 power supplies can be installed in one chassis, to share the load and to provide redundant power and 'hot swap' capabilities.

The embedded micro-controller enables the power supply to support the latest remote monitoring features via the PL700 MCP for parameters such as:

  • AC alarm
  • DC alarm
  • Temperature alarm

In addition, the DC voltage output and the power supply's temperature can be monitored via the MCP.

Dry contact enclosure power supply alarm is available via the chassis system alarm connector.