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Foxcom Sat-Light/Platinum Chassis Kit | PL7010

Foxcom Sat-Light/Platinum Chassis Kit | PL7010
  • Frequency Range - Bandwidth: 54 to 860MHz
  • Optical Output Power [dBm] 1310: +11 / +12dBm
  • Optical Output Power [dBm] 1550: +4 / +7dBm
  • Typical RF Input Power [dBmV/channel]: 25dBm
  • RF Input Return Loss [Min. dB]: 12dB
  • Optical Distance: 1310nm 1550nm
  • Minimum Optical Output Return Loss [dB]: -50dB
Product Code: foxcom-satssis-kit-sat-lightplatinum

The PL7010 chassis kit is a standard 19", 3RU chassis, that can hold up to twelve Sat-Light/Platinum cards, the new M&C controller [PL700] and two power supplies [PL7011]. The chassis includes an innovative backplane enabling Global Foxcom's Sat-Light/Platinum M&C features (DigiRF) and, at the same time, provides legacy dry contact closures, open collector discrete optical and RF alarms and legacy RSSI/PDI discrete monitoring for customers upgrading from a legacy Foxcom system.

The PL7010C chassis kit includes two matching power supplies (PL7011) and an advanced M&C controller (PL700).

Each power supply supports an AC input range of 100 to 240VAC, enabling the use of separate main power sources for additional redundancy.