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SRY-RX-L1-258 ETL StingRay200 DWDM AGC L-band Receive Fibre Converter with Mon Port

Product Code: SRY-RX-L1-258


Model SRY-RX-L1-258 StingRay DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) 200 series L-band RF Over Fibre module is designed to provide compact fibre links, with up to 40 wavelengths on a single fibre cable and transmission distances up to 500km with optical amplifiers. 

It is a RECEIVE module that works at the receive end to demultiplex the seperate wavelengths, giving a high and wide dynamic range with automatic link optimisation ensuring high quality L-band (850-2450 MHz) transmission.

The modules has AGC (Automatic Gain Control) with automatic link optimisation for FAST SET-UP.

It is designed to be housed in a 200 series indoor or outdoor chassis and work with ETL's transmit module SRY-TxxL1-257 and ETL's optical multiplexer/demultiplexer SRY-ODM-08-753 (8 channel) or SRY-ODM-16-753 (16 channel).

The StingRay range of optical amplifiers can also be used in a DWDM system to compensate for module loss and boost the optical power to extend the transmission distance of signals carried up to 500 km. 

The StingRay RF over Fibre module is available in a variety of RF connector and optical connector types. See below for related modules & chassis.