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AvL 1212LS Premium Military 1.2m Motorized Vehicle-Mount Ka-Band Commercial - Low Stow

AvL 1212LS Premium Military 1.2m Motorized Vehicle-Mount Ka-Band Commercial - Low Stow

AvL 1212LS Premium SNG 1.2m Motorized Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway Satellite Antenna 2-Port Ka-Band Commercial Low Stow Profile

IKtechcorp is the distributor for AVL Antanna Systems, a leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial satellite equipment. AVL Technologies offers a wide range antennas used in the VSAT, DTH, COTM, Teleport, Cable, and Broadcast industries. Satellite, DTH, VSAT, Flyaway, quick deploy, receive only, RF, motorized auto point, vehicle antennas.
• Rx/Tx Feed: 2-port Ka-Band Commercial
- Receive: 17.7 - 20.2 GHz
- Transmit: 27.5 - 30.0 GHz
Stows to 11" (27.9 cm)
• Key Features
- Low Stow Profile
- Eutelsat Certified
- Lightweight and Low-Profile
- Easy Vehicle Mounting
- Auto-Acquisition Controller

Product Code: avl_1212LS_ka_premium_comm

AvL 1212LS Premium SNG 1.2m Motorized Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway Satellite Antenna 2-Port Ka-Band Commercial Low Stow Profile

AvL 1212LS Premium SNG / Military 1.2m Motorized Transportable Vehicle-Mount Satellite Tx/Rx Antenna 2-Port Ka-Band; Eutelsat Certified (Low Profile) Product Picture, Price, Image, Pricing


AvL 1212LS Premium SNG 1.2m Motorized Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway Satellite Antenna 2-Port Ka-Band Commercial Low Stow Profile

AvL's 1.2m vehicle mount SNG antenna systems offer strong performance in a small, lightweight and low-profile package. The 1.2m antenna systems are designed to exceed the highest global performance expectations.

AvL’s SNG antennas are designed to meet and exceed the highest performance requirements around the world to guarantee both satellite authority compliance and peak in performance, reliability and availability. Typically these antennas are used in signal contribution for high data rate and bandwidth as well as high power broadcast or similar applications.   AVL 1212 model is Eutelsat certified and ready to use.

AvL 1212 Ka-Band Vehicle-Mount Premium Military Antenna Systems feature:
• Model 1212 with 2-Port Mode-Matched Ku-Band (enhanced Cross-Pol comp.);
• Optional feeds include 2-port Ka (commercial or miliary) and 2-port X
• High precision azimuth bearing
• Zero backlash AvL Cable Drive with 400° Az & 0-90° El movement
• Non-load-bearing 1.2m AvL carbon fiber single-piece reflector with surface treatment for Ka-band
• Integrated reflector backing structure for minimized stow height
• Stows to 11" (27.9 cm)
• Wide boom to allow large HPA envelope
• Optional saddlebag mount for larger HPAs
• High-torque elevation motor
• Through-pedestal cross-axis waveguide kit
• Jog control or fully automatic auto-acquisition controllers
• RF electronic mounting either on feed boom, back of reflector, base, or inside vehicle
• 25ft (8m) RG59 coax and controller interconnect cables
• Optional Transmit Rotary Joint on Feed
• Limited function 3-axis jog controller with auto-stow
• Optional aerodynamic cowlings


Technical Specifications Diagram    

AvL 1212LS Premium SNG 1.2m Motorized Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway Satellite Antenna 2-Port Ka-Band Commercial Low Stow Profile

Az/El Drive Motorized AvL Zero Backlash Cable Drive (Patent Pending)
Polarization Drive System Motorized Worm Gear Drive
Reflector Construction 1.2m Single Piece Carbon Fiber
Axis Travel
Azimuth 400° (±200°)
Mechanical 0° to 90° of Reflector Boresight
Electrical Standard Limits at 5° to 65° (CE approval) or 0° to 90°
Polarization ±95° for 2-port and 3-port Feeds;   ±50° for 2-port Wideband and 4-port Feeds
Az/El Speed
Slewing/Deploying (typical) 2°/second Az;   1°/second El
Peaking (typical) 0.2°/second
Motors 24 VDC Variable Speed, Constant Torque
RF Interface
BUC/HPA Mounting Feed Boom (50 lbs.; Max. BUC envelope: 22 L x 13.75 W x 8.5 H inches (55.9 L x 34.9 W x 21.6 H cm)), Rear of Reflector or Inside Vehicle
Axis Transition Twist-Flex or Rotary Joints
Waveguide WR75 Cover Flange at Interface Point
Coax RG59 run from feed to base plus 25 ft (8m)
Electrical Interface One 25 ft (8 m) Cable with Connectors for Controller
Manual/Emergency Drive Handcrank on Az, El and Pol axes
Weight (approximate) 115 - 165 lbs. (52 - 75 kg) depending on options selected
Stowed Dimensions 69 L x 48 W x 11 H inches (175 L x 122 W x 28 H cm)



Wind - Survival

Deployed:   75 mph (121 kph);   Stowed:   100 mph (161 kph)

Wind - Operational

30 mph (48 kph), Gusts to 45 mph (72 kph)

Pointing Loss in Wind (Ku RX): ▼


20 mph (32 kph)

0.2 dB typical

30 mph gusting to 45 mph

0.8 dB typical






-22° to 125° F (-30° to 52° C)


-40° to 140° F (-40° to 60° C)

Feed Type 2-Port Ka-Band
Frequency Range (GHz) 17.7 - 20.2 (commercial) 27.5 - 30.0 (commercial)
Polarization Configuration Circular or Linear  
Gain (mid-band) (dBi) 46.2 Mil 49.5 Mil
Beamwidth (-3 dB) 0.8° 0.6°
G/T, midband, clear horizon 23.0 dB/˚ K with 100° LNB
Antenna Noise Temperature @ 20° El, midband 107° K
Radiation Pattern Compliance FCC 25.209, MIL-STD-188-164A
Power Handling Capability
250W per port
VSWR 1.30:1 1.30:1
Axial Ratio, CP only, within Pointing Cone (dB) 1.5 1.0
Feed Port Isolation – Tx to Rx (dB) 80 80 (includes filter)
Controller Type Three-axis Jog Control & Display with Auto-Stow
Optional Upgrades
Semi-automatic Operation Drive to calculated position based on operator entered vehicle location, heading, plus satellite (longitude or listed)
Automatic Operation Drive to calculated position based on auto GPS and Flux-Gate Compass data and satellite peaking with LNB signal
Auto-acquisition One-button acquisition of selected satellite including peaking and optimization of cross-pol (certified for auto- commissioning on most satellite services)
Size Two Rack Units for Semi-automatic & Automatic Controllers Single Rack Unit for Auto-acquisition
Input Power 110/240 VAC, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz, 6/3A peak, 1A continuous
Optional Controller AvL AAQ
Features AvL one button auto-acquisition of selected satellites, including peaking and optimization of cross pol.   Internal movement detector and automatic stow.   Includes a hand-held control and separate power supply.   Certified for auto-commissioning on most satellite services.
Size Embedded ACU with separate1 RU power supply
Input Power 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz   4 A peak, 300 W power supply
Available Options, Upgrades & Services
• Upgrade Feed to:
- 2-Port Ku-Band Mode-Match
- 4-Port Ku-Band Wideband
- 2 or 4-Port Ka-Band
- 2-Port X-Band
• Optional H/V switch (Ku-Band wideband)
• Optional Rotary Joint on Pol Axis with opt. Flex W/G to BUC
• Add Co-polarization Kit (for 2-port Ku feeds only) - configures Rx and Tx to same polarization sense
• Mounting Pallet (adds 2.0” (5 cm) to stow height)
• Add BUC/HPA Mounting (NOTE: minimum elevation may be restricted by these options)
• Upgrade to Custom RF/IF I/O cabling configurations available
• Custom Colorization (contact factory for available colors)
• Add Custom Logo on Reflector Face (1- or 2-Color; per AvL Logo Policy)
• Spare Parts Kit
Technical Specifications Diagram
Compliance Standard