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AvL Ka Broadband Antennas

AvL Ka Broadband Antennas AvL’s Ka-Band Broadband Antenna Family offers high reliability, cost-effective solutions for mobile broadband Internet access with new HTS satellites. These antennas feature the AvL Zero Backlash Cable Drive and an Auto-Acquisition Controller. The antennas also come in several configurations:
Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway
FlyAway or DriveAway (also called Fly&Drive)
FlyAway – Case-Based or Tripod

AvL's Ka Broadband antennas are available in the following sizes:
85cm (future option for HughesNet)

The antennas offer cost-effective solutions for mobile broadband Internet access, Satellite News Gathering, Disaster Relief, Oil & Gas Data Backhaul, and Defense & Homeland Security. All antennas in AvL’s Ka Broadband Antenna Family operate with:
Avanti / HYLAS
Eutelsat / Tooway
Hughes / HughesNet
ViaSat / Exede

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