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Comtech 2500W X-Band Rack Mount Amplifier with Touchscreen

Comtech 2500W X-Band Rack Mount Amplifier with Touchscreen
  • Touch screen interface
  • Built-in redundancy controller
  • Ethernet interface, remote diagnostics
  • Parameter trend analysis
  • Optional integrated linearizer
Product Code: XTRT-2500X

XTRT-2500X digital rack mount amplifiers are designed for fixed and mobile uplink applications and occupy only 11 rack units while providing RF output of 2200W. These high efficiency traveling wave tube amplifiers include RF gain control, a solid state pre-amplifier, RF filters, cooling, and monitor & control (M&C) systems. An integrated X-Band linearizer option is available. The dual drawer amplifier conserves rack space and occupies only 19.25 inches (11 rack units) of a standard 19 inch rack cabinet. A complete 1:1 or 1:2 redundant TWTA system, including a redundant controller, can be mounted in a single rack.

The unit features a menu driven front panel display and RS-232 & RS-422/RS-485 and Ethernet serial port interfaces for complete remote control. Gain Control is set by the front panel manual control or by computer commands sent via the remote interfaces.