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Comtech 500W Ka-Band Rack Mount High Power Amplifier

Comtech 500W Ka-Band Rack Mount High Power Amplifier
  • 500 Watts Ka-band CW TWT Power
  • 28.0 to 31.0 GHz
  • Optional Linearizer
  • Touch Screen Display
  • High Efficiency
Product Code: XTRT-500Ka

The XTRT-500Ka series are highly efficient rack mountable traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) designed for fixed and mobile uplink applications. The unit includes RF gain control, a solid-state pre-amplifier, RF filters,cooling, and monitoring and control (M&C) systems. Rack space is conserved because the amplifier occupies only 3 rack units (5 1/4 inches) or a standard 19-inch rack cabinet. Nominal weight is 56 pounds.

The unit features a menu-driven front panel display. RF, traveling wave tube, and default parameters are easily monitored on the four-line front panel display. Gain control is provided via the front panel or through the serial interface.