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Comtech 550W Ka-Band Antenna Mount High Power Amplifiers

Comtech 550W Ka-Band Antenna Mount  High Power Amplifiers
  • 550 watt Ka-band, peak power
  • Frequencies between 27.0 and 31.0 GHz
  • Includes linearizer
  • Rugged outdoor mountable
  • Complete RS-232/422/485 ethernet interface
  • -40°C to +60°C ambient
Product Code: XTD-550KaL

The XTD-550KaL series are compact, self contained antenna mount power amplifiers designed for low cost installation and long life. The XTD-550KaL family features high RF efficiency which enables a smaller, lighter amplifier with the ability to operate at up to 60 deg C ambient temperatures.

Comtech Xicom has developed proprietary features to improve performance and life including an automatic bias control system which extends TWT life by maintaining constant beam current over time and a precise system for matching linearizer performance to a specific tube over a wide range of operating conditions maximizing useable linear power.

The amplifier is equipped with an internal 1:1 switch control capable of driving an input and output switch for redundancy. Rack mountable controllers are also available.