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Comtech Puma 300W X-band GaN Solid-State Amplifier (SSPA) / Block Upconverter (BUC)

Comtech Puma 300W X-band GaN Solid-State Amplifier (SSPA) / Block Upconverter (BUC)
  • Powerful: 150W linear power;
  • Efficient: 875W AC power draw at linear power;
  • Compact: 32 lbs in 6.8 x 10.5 x 17 inch package;
  • Rugged: -40C to +60C, MIL-STD-810 environment;
  • Silent: Low leakage for multi-carrier low PIM.
Product Code: Puma 300X

The most powerful, rugged X-band SSPA/Block Upconverter to provide 150W of linear power for satcom uplinks. High efficiency GaN solid-state esign enables big power with high efficiency, while handling the toughest environments. If you need a sleek, powerful SSPA or BUC to speed up your transportable terminal – you need a Puma !

Frequency and Input Levels
RF Output Frequency7.9 to 8.4 GHz
Input Level, No Damage+10 dBm max
IF/Ref Input Impedance50 ohms
With optional BUC
IF Input Frequency950 to 1450 MHz
LO Reference FrequencyExternal 10 MHz
LO Reference Level0 dBm ± 5 dB

Output RF Power and Linearity
Eq. Saturated Power, PSAT300W (54.8 dBm)
Maximum CW Power, PMAX200W (53 dBm)
Linear Power, PLIN(min)150W (51.8 dBm)
Linearity @ PLIN
Spectral Regrowth @ PLIN-30 dBc max
(QPSK, OQPSK @ 1SR offset)
Intermodulation Products-25 dBc max
wrt sum of 2 equal carriers
AM to PM Conversion2.0°/dB max

Small Signal (typical)70 dB ±5 dB
Gain Attenuation Range25 dB, 0.1 dB steps
Gain Variation (over 40 MHz)1.0 dB p-p max
Gain Variation (over full band)3.0 dB p-p max
Gain Slope (max)0.04 dB/MHz
Gain Stability, over 24 hours0.5 dB p-p max
Gain Variation over Temp4.0 dB p-p max

Noise and Spurious
Noise Power Transmit Band-75 dBW/4 kHz
Noise Power Receive Band-75 dBW/4 kHz
AC Line Spurious
 sum of all spurs-30 dBc
 single sideband sum-36 dBc
Harmonics-60 dBc
Output Spurious @ PLIN-60 dBc
 (excludes 1 MHz band)

Phase Noise with Optional BUC
Phase Noise (max)
 100 Hz-63 dBc/Hz
 1 kHz-73 dBc/Hz
 10 kHz-83 dBc/Hz
 100 kHz-93 dBc/Hz
 1 MHz-103 dBc/Hz
Reference Phase Noise (max)
 10 Hz-125 dBc/Hz
 100 Hz-155 dBc/Hz
 1 kMHz-165 dBc/Hz

Phase Linearity and VSWR
Transmit Phase Linearity up to PLIN
 over any 2 MHz±0.2 radian
 over any 36 MHz±0.4 radian
 over any 72 MHz±0.5 radian
 over any 90 MHz±0.6 radian
 over any 120 MHz±0.7 radian
Input VSWR1.5:1
Output VSWR1.3:1

Prime Power/Environment/Interfaces
90-264 VAC Prime Power875 @ PLIN
Operating Temp Range-40° to +60°C
Non-Operating Temp Range-50° to +70°C
Altitude (max)12,000 ft. MSL
Humidity100% condensing
Shock/VibrationNormal transportation
M&C InterfaceEthernet/serial RS-232
(SNMP with v3 Option)

Weight and Dimensions
Weight32 lb (14.5 kg)
Dimensions6.8” x 10.5” x 17”
(17.2cm x 26.7cm x 43.2cm)