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*Based on the highly reliable and compact mini-server with a Flash Disk memory
*Easy installation and maintenance on any external Linux OS servers
*Protect existing investments -- can be integrated with existing management systems
* Multiuser, multilingual Web access from any Internet Browser on the network
* Intuitive graphical user interface minimizes  training requirements and increases productivity
*Compatible with all UHP systems and any other deices supporting SNMP or simply answering to PING
*Stable to power interruptions network log with the time stamps
* Informative workplace with interactive network map and events log, audible and visible notifications
*Advanced statistical tools, ability to export statistical data for further detailed analysis
*Preempt  performance  problems  by  identifying potential troubles before they affect service quality
*Easy  network  configuration,  advanced  network recovery tools
*Ability to switch between the different modes of network operations just in one mouse click
Product Code: UHP NMS


UHP NMS is software tool operating on OS Linux. NMS users  may  access  the  system  using  any  authorized computer on the network, with the help of any standard Web browser. There are two levels of access to the system - for administrators and guests.The UHP NMS periodically polls all the controlled network devices  using  SNMP (Simple  Network  Management Protocol)  protocol.  The  system  verifies  if  responded parameters are within allowed range and registers any deviations into NMS. The information about actual status of the network devices is displayed in an easy to view tables or graphical form. The UHP NMS collects and stores various user-predefined statistical information about key parameters  that  could  be  displayed  like  graphs  or exported  into  some  external  programs  for  further analysis.


UHP CM is a software tool based on a Unix/Linux platform and  is  provided  with  a  multiuser  WEB-interface.  It provides user-friendly interface to change any network devices configuration. The configuration entered is saved on the Server disk and is used by network relevant devices as a configuration database.

Network devices periodically call for the configuration from the Server via UDP. In its request the device informs of its operation mode, ID and the current configuration version. If a newer configuration version is installed on the Server, the response contains an updated configuration. The  Server  ignores  the  requests  if  no  changes  of configuration are available.


PARAMETER                                                                         CHARACTERISTIC

User interface                                                                        Multiuser web-interface

Interface language                                                                English/Russian

Operating system                                                                  Linux core 2.3/2.4

Operating system location                                                  On FLASH media

Data statistics location                                                        On RAM, with automatic copying onto a FLASH media every 3 hours

Monitoring protocol                                                               SNMP, ICMP

Maximum number of monitored                                         Unlimited


Supported equipment                                                          NMS: With SNMP support or responding to PING        

                                                                                                  CM:   UHP-1000 and UHP-8000 series satellite routers

Operator paging                                                                     Visual and audible

Access limitation                                                                    Three-level access: Observer/Operator/Administrator