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SMW Quattro Fiber System Receiver for WDL Fiber LNB

SMW Quattro Fiber System Receiver for WDL Fiber LNB

Swedish Microwave’s OMT is used to separate two orthogonal linearly polarized signals simultaneously.

The OMT can also support circular polarizations with a depolarizer.

Greater than 31.5 dB isolation between the two linear polarizations is achieved.

Options and accessories:

  • Bend for the vertical polarization.
  • Waveguide cover for unused port.
  • Depolarizer for circular polarizations.
Product Code: smw-quattro-fiber-system-receiver
  • Top performing fiber receiver.
  • For use with fiber optic output LNBs.
  • Fully sealed Q-ODC fiber connectors
  • Single mode fiber use
  • Receive 1310 to 1630 nm wavelengths
  • -40 to +80 °C operating temp range


– Wide RF frequency range, 290-3000MHz.

– Compact size and low power consumption

– All parts designed to withstand outdoor environmental conditions long term.

– Compatible with other brands using single mode fiber.

– IP67 classed (when connectors are mated).

Additional information

Weight 1.950 kg
Dimensions 27.3 × 15.44 × 3.44 cm
RF Connector:



DC connector type, 10 MHz connector type, No LNB DC supply